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Chaos on Deponia

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 26 - 2012

Return to the trash-covered planet of Deponia for this second installment in the Deponia trilogy.

Chaos on Deponia is the second game in Daedalic Entertainment’s Deponia trilogy and once again launches the player back into the boots of protagonist Rufus in his next point and click adventure. For those who have yet to enjoy the first game, there is a brief recap of what happened in Deponia and the events that have left Rufus in his current predicament.

chaos on deponia 1

Rufus still wants to leave the trash-filled Deponia for the floating Elysium and, to make matters worse, it seems that Deponia is under threat of being demolished. Further complicating things, Goal, another returning character from the first game and Rufus’ key to reaching Elysium, has suffered an accident that has resulted in her having three personalities. Nothing is ever straight forward, is it?

The gameplay elements play out pretty much the same as the original title and you start your adventure in the Floating Black Market. From here, the player will start wandering around, solving puzzles and talking to the bizarre cast of secondary characters, some of which make a welcome return from the previous game, along with plenty of strange talking new characters.

Just as before, the game is filled with witty one-liners, humorous banter and is generally an upbeat game. Chaos on Deponia flows very well, better than the original game which had me scratching my head on numerous occasions as I tried to work out where to go or how to solve a puzzle. But this time around, players will be more aware of certain puzzles and progressions feels much more obvious, allowing the story to move along without the need to find a walkthrough or guide.
 chaos on deponia 2

The backgrounds and visuals of Chaos on Deponia are simply gorgeous and it is easy to be taken aback by the attention to detail on the characters and buildings. The environment is laid out well, allowing the players to move from area to area without getting lost, and the controls are exactly the same as in Deponia. However, the tutorial is once again available for those who have missed the previous game.

The puzzles are once again challenging, albeit slightly more straight forward, and there are a selection of mini-games thrown in to offer some different elements to the game. The different characters, both old and new, provide many of the comedy moments in the game, and will wrap the player up in strange conversations that may help the player or just lead them in the wrong direction.

chaos on deponia 3

The sound effects are great throughout the game and you’ll find yourself being charmed by the delightful music and stunning cutscenes. The voice work, which can so often go wrong in games translated from another language, is brilliant and stands out as a highlight of this sequel.

The protagonist, Rufus, seems to have taken a darker turn this time around, changing him from the sort of character you have a love/hate relationship with, to someone who it is much easier to just strongly dislike. It becomes harder to feel sorry for him, especially when he is being particularly stupid, but the wonderful character of Goal makes up for Rufus’ failings.

chaos on deponia 4

As the second entry in a trilogy, Chaos on Deponia makes great improvements over the first game while still setting things up for the final title. It is easy to get immersed in the twisting storyline and the unusual characters, whilst being entertained by a nice combination of puzzles. The entire game oozes charm and is a solid adventure that PC gamers should try out. After finishing this second installment in the trilogy, I can’t wait for the final chapter.



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