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Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 8 - 2012

Classic point and click action.

Deponia by Daedelic Entertainment is a beautifully illustrated point and click adventure that follows the entertaining and loveable character of Rufus, a guy that’s filled with dry humour, wit and an interesting personality. His fantasy is to depart the trash ridden planet of Deponia and explore the more inviting world of Elysium, floating high in the clouds. Deponia is a planet of debris, completely run down by the local residents.


Deponia mixes up comedy, romance and adventure in a fun filled PC game that doesn’t break the point and click mould, but has the ingredients to be an excellent example of the genre. The witty banter of Rufus as we follows his journey to escape Deponia shows us that he’s a somewhat selfish character and seems clueless in certain situations, especially when it comes to puzzles to solve or clues to find. He is slightly goofy, but at the same time very entertaining and dry. Rufus is an extraordinary inventor and genius, but manages to have the odd stupid moment from time to time.

At the beginning of the game, it all seemed slightly slow and took a little while to feel connected to the character. But once you have some insight into his background, it actually becomes quite easy to feel for him, trapped in this strange world. Whilst in a daydream-like state one day, from above the clouds falls a mysterious young lady called ‘Goal’, an Elysium woman who could well be his ticket to escaping Deponia. Rufus must find a way to revive this angelic soul that’s been abandoned before him.


It is easy to be drawn in to the rich environments of Deponia as you are slowly introduced to each of the games characters.The basics of the game are your standard point and click affair, combined with some simple inventory management. You interact with your environment using a left click of the mouse, and the right click can be used for alternate actions with characters or objects. Some items can be used together and a simple scroll of the wheel gives you quick access to the easy to use inventory.


There is a nice variety of puzzles, some of which are incredibly puzzling and may well need the assistance of an online walkthrough, to keep your brain cogs well oiled as you play the game, and there’s plenty of comedy to keep things light-hearted and easy going from the moment you start exploring the game. Deponia is a very despondent and destitute place, riddled with characters that just don’t have anything positive to say about our hero, but that makes the world more interesting and enjoyable to experience. As the story begins, the first chapter is a little slow compared to some point and click adventures, but once you pass through that first chapter the story moves up a gear and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how engaging the characters become once you are familiar with them.

The scenes are beautifully drawn and illustrated, pushing you to explore the world if only to see what amazing scene you are faced with next.  The dry humour of the game can be tedious at times, and is consistent throughout the game, so it can come across that the developers are trying to compensate for the fact that the game is not massively animated. But this shouldn’t put you off as Deponia is fueled by laughable moments, many of which can be slightly predictable but funny nonetheless, and puzzles that will keep you on your toes. Deponia can move at an incredibly slow pace at times, but the story is engaging and the gameplay is simple, ticking all of the point and click boxes.


Deponia is a stunningly crafted point and click adventure with a good level of comedy and intrigue, leading the player to explore Rufus’ world, meet interesting characters and experience the bizarre situations that Rufus manages to get into. If you persist with the game, you will find yourself spending many hours following Rufus’ adventures in this strange world and being highly entertained. With the recent release of the sequel, Chaos on Deponia, there is no better time to jump into Deponia and see where it all began.



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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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