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Pokédex 3D Pro

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 9 - 2012

How well do you know Pokémon?

Surely what every Pokémon trainer needs is some kind of encyclopedia filled with everything that they would ever need to know about the different pocket monsters? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, it would seem that Nintendo also thought this would be great as they have now released the Pokédex 3D Pro on the eShop, providing trainers with more pokémon information than ever before, all handily available on their 3DS. But it comes at a price…


Some of you may remember the Pokédex 3D that was released on the eShop some time back. It was an entertaining way for Nintendo to show off some of the 3DS capabilities, such as 3d and AR, whilst also providing the Pokémon fans with a new way of viewing the 150 Pokémon available within it. But best of all, it was absolutely free. We like that.

But the Pokédex 3D is no more, vanished from the eShop. Imagine it being a demo of what was to come, the Pokédex 3D Pro, complete with the scary price tag of £13.49. Ouch.

Don’t get me wrong, for that rather substantial lump of cash, the Pokémon fan does get quite a lot. This version of the app is much more encyclopedic in its scope, offering detailed information on all 649 Pokémon. And we are not just talking about a name and picture here – Pokédex 3D Pro gives up all of the stats, groups, abilities, evolution and more. Then it also throws in a gloriously detailed 3D model of the Pokémon, which can be rotated and zoomed in upon, and animation and even the damn noise it makes. That is a lot of information, and it is provided for each of the 649 Pokémon.


For the Pokémon fanatics out there, this is an invaluable source, a tool that will aid them on their various Pokémon adventures. But the content doesn’t stop there.

Also included are the AR markers for each of the Pokémon, allowing the owner to create their very own AR photos featuring their favorite Pokémon. The problem here is that the cards themselves still need to be printed out or somehow made, leaving the owner with a mighty task should they wish to do some kind of battle royale type photo featuring loads of Pokémon. Still, it’s a nice feature that has carried over from the original Pokédex 3D.

So, if you are at all interested in this beautiful package of Pokémon goodness, you must fancy yourself as a Pokémon expert. Pokédex 3D Pro demands that you prove this and has thrown in a nice collection of 36 quizzes to test you. What begins easily with identifying Pokémon quickly escalates into devilishly hard questions that only a true Pokémon master could answer. To top that off, sometimes you will be racing against time to answer the questions, and other times you will find yourself playing a survival-type mode where the questions just keep on coming. It’s quite a lot of fun and will quickly separate the Charizards from the Caterpies.


The app is expertly presented, with so many options for how to view the information that you want, filters that can display the info according to your criteria, and links between all relevant information. It is very easy to navigate and the 3D models of each of the Pokémon are really well done. Can you imagine the time it took to model each of the 649 Pokémon? And it is great to see them all like this, especially as players usually only see them in a much more basic form.

To be honest, Pokédex 3D Pro is a very impressive package, filled with just about everything you could ever need to know about Pokémon. However, the astronomical price is just too much to overlook. Even dropping theprice by half would still be a stretch for most gamers. It is the price alone that will put players off from buying the Pokédex 3D Pro.

Pokédex 3D Pro is the ultimate accessory for the avid Pokéfan, but it comes at an almost ultimate price.




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