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The Paper Mario Pop-Up Diner Event

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 26 - 2012

A Diner, some stickers and a mysterious fridge.

All of the buzz at the moment may be revolving around the imminent release of Nintendo’s shiny new console, but let’s not forget that only one week after the console launches here in the UK, we will be treated to the first Paper Mario game for 3DS. That’s right, Paper Mario: Sticker Star launches on December 7th, so I hope you will have enough gold coins left after your Wii U purchase.


To celebrate the launch, Nintendo UK invited GGUK along to The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields, London, for what turned out to be a very strange evening indeed.


The popular diner has been taken over by Mario and Luigi who had obviously been let loose with posters and stickers, with some help I am sure, and transformed the place into what can only be described as “Mario heaven”. It really was a sight to see. Check out what went into decorating the diner in this video.


The lucky attendees where, in keeping with the theme of the new Paper Mario game, given Mario stickers to exchange for food and drink, and a very special sticker which had its purpose hidden from us to begin with. Nintendo UK had also set up plenty of 3DS systems to try out Paper Mario: Sticker Star on, along with a selection of the older Nintendo consoles with the previous Paper Mario games on, allowing the attendees to take a trip back through time.


So, let’s talk about the fridge. It was a pretty big fridge with a hammer above it and, as the evening moved on, it seemed as though people kept disappearing into it.  After some investigation, it turned out this this was in fact a door which took down some stairs and into a hidden room (okay, so I was hoping it was Narnia). We then had to present our special hammer stickers from earlier on and were invited to participate in what was a bizarre Mario version of “The Generation Game”.
With ample Mario music, we were challenged to remember items that Mario was carrying as he rushed past us, forced to put our hands in boxes and guess the contents, and find special sticker stars among a bucketful of dried garlic heads and spaghetti. The winners came away with prizes, whilst the losers were left wondering what the hell just happened. As I sat down with fellow journalists we all exchanged our brief but interesting experience and some displayed their winning prizes at our specially decorated Paper Mario Sticker Star table.


It was an unusual event, perhaps the most unusual that I have ever attended, but it drove home the point. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is out on December 7th for 3DS.

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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