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Undead In BattleBlock Theater

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Kalypso Games On Console In May

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Battle Camp Coming To iOS

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 8 - 2013

Pennypop’s upcoming iOS title combines elements of Pokemon, WoW and Bejeweled.

Battle Camp marks a revolutionary step forward from the tried and tired standards of mobile gaming, offering the first social game that is a true massively multiplayer online (MMO) experience. Built on top of a full-fledged Virtual World, it is the first “truly social” mobile game where users can see and play with real people in real time. More information at http://battlecamp.pennypop.com/preview.

RPG Depth with Casual Game Pizzazz: No more tapping “next” to quest. Battle Camp gives you everything you’d want in a traditional RPG, including team-building, special abilities, strategic combat, dungeon crawling, PvP, guilds and raids. Transported to a monster-filled camp, you battle, catch and evolve over 135 monsters. Monster battling occurs with a unique match-3 minigame that fuses the strategy of RPG combat with the ease and tactile appeal of a casual game.

Move Over Azeroth: No more retroactive prompts telling you how you lost when you weren’t even playing. Battle Camp has a persistent virtual world, where you can explore 8 distinct camps alongside real people in real time. Destroy other players in synchronous PvP or coordinate with your Troop to wage war on rival Troops and raid against ancient monsters, epic creatures and one seriously grumpy snowman.

Events to Remember: No more cow clicking. Participate in weekly events with unique stories, bosses and rewards. Defeat Luddite bird creatures, resolve troubled romances, battle a guy who is most certainly NOT Donald Trump and place in the tournament leaderboards to win special monsters.

“Most mobile RPGs are like playable snail mail,” said Penny, Chief Mascot Officer at PennyPop, “We’re virtually worlds above that.”

Stay tuned at http://battlecamp.pennypop.com/preview for the upcoming launch date and special promo events to get started!

Key Gameplay Features

- Actual Virtual World.
- Match-Three Battle System
- Collect and Train 135+ Monsters
- Dungeons Filled with Teachable Skills
- Weekly Special Events and Tournaments
- Synchronous PvP, Troop Raids, and Troop Wars
- Always Free to Play


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