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History Legends Of War On March 8th

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 22 - 2013

Turn-based strategy from Slitherine and PQube coming to PS3, Xbox360, PC and Vita on March 8th. PQube are even offering one lucky gamer a PS3 to play the game on!

HLOW was created with an extensive single player campaign mode (with over 20 missions), set in historical locations and incorporating real life missions and situations – this gives you the unique opportunity to command your troops through genuine battle environments and operations.

Gameplay combines the mechanics of a turn based strategy with the depth of a tactical warfare game, simultaneously bringing in RPG elements – lead your units from the bloody beaches of Normandy to the war torn streets of Berlin, developing their abilities along the way.

Compared with strategy kings XCOM and Company of Heroes, HLOW brings a whole new level of depth and realism to the genre. With over 30 unique unit types (including Infantry, Armoured Vehicles and Aircraft) and a vast armoury of weapons to choose from, each mission poses a unique challenge as you need to choose the right units and weaponry for the task!

HLOW has been developed by strategy gaming experts Slitherine and builds on the huge success of History Great Battles Medieval. The tie in with the History Channel brings a level of depth unparalleled in the strategy game genre and introduces a level of detail that was previously only imaginable in the blockbuster movie genre!


- 4 Operations, 21 missions, 44 battlefield maps & 36 different types of unit
- Varied mission types, including attack, infiltration, defence, escort and sabotage.
- Unique combination of 2 strategy game mechanics: high-level strategic management and turn-based tactics.
- 44 different battlefield maps consisting of 3 different environments: countryside, snow and cities.
- 36 different types of units: command infantry, armoured vehicles and aircrafts, special units (including snipers, elite forces and commandos) fighters and bombers.
- Go Head-to-Head with the Hotseat multiplayer mode.

To finish off, PQube are giving gamers the opportunity to win a spanky new PS3 along with a copy of the game. Check it out here.



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