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PS4 – Where Are You?

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 21 - 2013

Well, the Sony event has passed and the new PlayStation 4 was indeed announced. But did you get everything you wanted, or were expecting, from the event?

The actual presentation did drag a bit, and was filled with concepts and ideas. But there seemed to be a lot of information that was left out. Of course, we got the vast majority of the hardware facts, the little details that will make the techies out there drool -


We were also introduced, officially at least, to the new DualShock 4 controller, which will include a touchpad, motion sensor, light bar and the all-important “Share” button -



The “share” button seems to be a big deal and is at least part of the bigger picture that Sony was trying to get across at the event, which spent a lot of time throwing around key words such as “social” and “simple”. The share button will allow players to instantly upload videos of their gameplay for their friends to watch, and part of the whole idea that gamers will be able to watch their friends playing, offer advise as they play and even take over should they think they can help. The expansion of the network across smartphones, tablets and other devices, will mean that players can stay connected to the action wherever they are.

Other points of interest included background processing, which allows the player to download updates and such in the background. This, combined with the ability to start playing downloaded games almost immediately, will mean that players will no longer have to wait long before they get into the action. In fact, as the console learns your gaming habits, it was suggested that games you are likely to purchase will be downloaded before you even buy them, just so you can start playing as soon as you click the “buy” button.

Integration of the Gaikai cloud gaming service will mean streaming games to the console and remote play between the PS4 and the Vita will be integrated, presumably across the board.

The games were a bit thin on the ground, but what was on show was very impressive. A new action platformer, “Knack”, was revealed. Then we had some Killzone Shadowfall, a new driving experience in Driveclub, inFamous: Second Son and “Myst”-like puzzle game The Witness. We saw a new fantasy title currently called Deep Down, some more gameplay from Watch Dogs and the announcement that Bungie’s Destiny will be coming to PS4. Perhaps the most exciting news was that Blizzard will be bringing Diablo III to both the PS3 and PS4 with four-player local co-op. We will look at the games in more detail over the coming days/weeks/months.




Finally, amidst a recap video of everything that had been shown, it was revealed that the PS4 will be available holiday 2013. Of course, this was a US event, and there are no guarantees that the console will even reach the UK before Christmas.

Whilst I can appreciate the information that Sony has given us, it still would have been nice to have actually seen the console itself, and to have had some actual details on how the social side and other things are going to work. Oh, and a price would have been lovely. Still, at least we won’t have too long to wait for more details, and then we have the new Xbox. Exciting times.


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