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Kartuga Hands-On Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 5 - 2013

Take your browser to sea.

At a recent hands-on event, GGUK got the chance to polish our peg-legs, slap on an eye patch and ignore the parrot whilst playing with InnoGames’ upcoming browser-based MMOG, Kartuga.


Aiming to take browser games to mysterious shores never before explored, Kartuga makes use of the ever more popular Unity to cast the player in the role of Captain and equip them with a ship. However, this is no normal Pirate adventure. Kartuga is instead much more focused on player vs player ship combat, in a similar manner to that found in the classic Sid Meier’s Pirates game. The player controls their ship from an isometric view and deals hefty naval damage to their foes.

As the game is primarily PvP, there are a number of standards that are brought to the game, the first of which are the classes of ships that are available. There are three different classes to choose from – the damage dealing Destroyer, the damage absorbing Protector and the damage healing Engineer. Each of them plays a little differently and has a different role in the game, allowing players to choose their role according to play style. Each of these classes also comes with a choice of size further customising the type.

The other standard that comes to Kartuga is the multiplayer game modes. The game is designed to support up to eight players and will have a wide range of different modes to enjoy, such as a mode in which players have to hold creepy ghost ships for points, or another which involves transporting a bomb to the enemy shipyard. The action is frantic and fun, but matches also carry a time limit to prevent them going on forever.


The maps seem small enough to ensure that the action is fast-paced, whilst large enough to promote team and tactical play. They are also really quite gorgeous. In fact, on more than one occasion, I forgot completely that I was playing a game in a browser. The environments are rich and filled with detail, and the ships themselves are distinct, despite being small on the screen.

Whilst the game is aimed more at PvP than anything else, there will be a healthy PvE game for players to enjoy, allowing exploration, quests and the discovery of treasure. This will of course lead to AI enemies upon which to practice your naval skills, and money for upgrading. With guilds and co-op questing in the pipeline, the PvE game will likely be as popular as the fast paced PvP modes.


Just last week, Kartuga started its closed beta and players are invited to apply at www.kartuga.com. The beta will be offering two of the PvP modes, Destruction and Domination, across four PvP maps, and five areas of the large open world for players to explore. Kartuga is a free to play title, and with no download required besides the Unity plug in, there really is no reason to give this game a try. It is early days yet, but with so much still to come for the game, Kartuga looks set to have many players shouting “argh matey!” in competitive joy.


Features of Kartuga include:

- Character Progression: Players are the captain of their ship – and must complete missions and gather loot to level up and improve gear and crew. Only the strongest will survive the seas of Kartuga.

- A Vibrant World: Aspiring Captains explore the oceans of Kartuga to gather missions, discover exciting areas and find brethren of the seas. They experience three distinct regions with their own factions, threats, and treasures.

- Ship Classes: Players choose between the graceful Destroyer, mighty Protector, or versatile Engineer.

- Grow and Thrive: Earning experience unlocks dozens of skills, ships, and hundreds of items. Pirates pick and play the way that suits them!

- Sea Battles: Pirates set the ocean aflame as they test the wit, tactics and agility of their foes.

Kartuga is being developed by Ticking Bomb Games and published by InnoGames. Players can sign up for the closed beta at www.kartuga.com, or visit the InnoGames FaceBook page or Kartuga FaceBook page for the chance to grab beta keys.

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