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The Sims 3 University Life

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 20 - 2013

Send your Sim to get an education, or at least enjoy the parties.

The Sims 3 University Life expansion pack throws you into the world of further education as you enroll in University for the next stage of your early adulthood life. You’ve gained a high school diploma and the next stage of your adventure begins with applying for University and deciding whether you’re going to be a student who embraces University life by living in a dormitory for free or getting yourself a part-time job and renting out one of the houses or apartments that are near to the University campus.


As a student, you will first have to prove you deserve a place at University by taking an aptitude test. Once this has been performed, and based on the results of the test, students can receive a sizable amount of financial aid and extra credits towards their specialized subject. The enrollment options enable you to choose from different subjects – business, technology, science and medicine, fine arts, communications and physical education. You also have the choice of how many terms you’re going to commit to, depending on whether you can afford the initial tuition cost.

Once you have made all of your decisions and decided to make the move, the transition from your home to the new University town is easy. Once the local student dressed as a llama mascot arrives at your door with the welcome kit, it’s time to head off and embrace your college years.

Once you have arrived, you instantly appear on campus with your little suitcase packed and ready to settle into your new home. As a student, you probably won’t have many Simoleons to purchase anything fancy, but living in a dorm for free rather than purchasing or renting a property will mean that you may not have to rely on cold tins of baked beans or the frugal food of the Student’s Cookbook. If you are living in the dormitory, you will first have to find your living quarters and choose whether to decorate and make the place your own.


University life is as much about the social aspect as of learning and educating, and you’ll probably find your Sim fitting into one of the three social groups on Campus. First up are the Nerds, where you may find yourself becoming a bit of a comic book collector, or playing video games for endless hours. Influential Nerd activities include showing other Sims gross videos on your smartphone, or solving equations and performing scientific research.

Or maybe you see yourself as a bit of a Rebel, organizing protests or pushing social boundaries by daring other Sims to perform some reckless tasks. You may even find yourself doing a bit of dumpster diving to find something of high value.


Or you could fall into the Jock group, where you will have to prove yourself by mastering juice pong, or have excellent sports skills to outrank your friends in the stadium. This is all dependent on how many friends you can make, how many stupid o’clock parties you can indulge in and the number of keg stands you possess.

Either way, your main reason for attending University should have been to improve your overall education, and trying to balance this with a busy social life is never going to be easy. Attending class when you need to, holding down a job to put some extra Simoleons in your pocket, and keeping up with the various social circles is all rewarding, but very difficult to achieve. Will you be hanging out with your friends, or studying hard for that degree that you’ve always wanted?


The first thing I did, after I decided to major in technology, was head to my dorm, played a video game and ordered a pizza. After all, this is student life and it is a pleasant reminder of home to pick up a phone and call the local services. Once I had munched through my pizza, I opted to rip off my clothes and streak across campus. I am not sure if this gave me social acceptance, or resulted in my being totally rejected by my peers. Either way, it was fun, free and left me feeling incredibly brave.

Your class schedule is set up in various chunks throughout the week, giving you the time and destination of your class. I was hoping you would see the student attend class, but unfortunately you’re met with a rabbit hole. Sims grades are dependent on the amount of hours you’ve put into studying, the number of classes you’ve attended and eventually your final exam mark. I had chosen the technology degree path, which will give my Sim an instant level boost and higher pay in military or law enforcement, when it comes to leaving University and getting a proper job.


The Sims 3 plays the social game well in this new expansion, and interactions with your peers will see you advancing within the different social groups, whether you hang out with the Nerds in the local comic shop, reading comics and playing arcade games, or getting wet and wild with the Jocks at all night keg parties. Your sim has the use of a smartphone in this latest expansion and it allows you to check your social group status, text other sims, make and share videos and pictures, and stay instantly connected with your friends. If you just want to hang out in your dormitory, and provided you can afford a computer, you can even try out some personal blogging, where you can publish posts, attach a photo and gain some social influence and advancement in your social networking skills.

The Sims 3 University Life gives you the opportunity to gain degrees, make new friends and have a whole lot of fun. Because the University experience is somewhat separated from the rest of the Sims 3 game, there is a decent replay factor as there are all sorts of different degrees to aim for, and different social groups to interact with, making University Life a new experience with each Sim that attends. The environment, mixed with the upbeat music, gives University Life an uplifting feel, and with the huge campus to explore, there really is plenty for your Sim to do.


How you fit everything in is entirely up to you. You should be studying hard, but who can resist a water balloon fight with friends when the weather gets hot outside? Study hard and you will give your Sim the perfect start to their adult life. Party hard and you can expect a sore hangover and rude texts from your friends who you upset while being “juiced up”. Either way, your Sim will be making memories and taking a break from the usual family and work routine of Sim life.



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