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Bland Turnip On KickStarter

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 9 - 2013

Some KickStarter campaigns immediately have you screaming “Take My Money!!!”, whilst others just leave a blank look on your face. Let’s hope that the iOS-planned Bland Turnip: Missing Ingredients can avoid the vacant stares and raise some money.

Squishie Square Games have started their KickStarter campaign for Bland Turnip: Missing Ingredients, hoping to raise $35,000 to bring this side-scrolling adventure game to life on iOS devices. There are, as always, a variety of rewards for different tiers of donations, so if you happen to be a fan of flavourless root vegetables, head over to their KickStarter page and give them some cash. Here’s the official word -


You are ‘Bland Turnip’ – yes that’s right, poor turnip may taste bland but he’s got a heart of gold and an adventurous spirit! Help Bland Turnip find all the missing ingredients that were stolen by Crazy Du-Nut and sinister, yet oddly huggable, Mr. Cuddles.  Keep Bland Turnip alive by avoiding bad guys and natural obstacles as he looks high and low to recover all the missing ingredients. Bland Turnip: Missing Ingredients is a fun side-scrolling adventure game.

- An incredibly fun game that is quick and easy to pick up and play.
- Twelve levels of fun and excitement
- Quirky story with some surprisingly twisted and unexpected mini games
- Increasing difficulty as you progress through the game
- Publish and compare scores on facebook
- Simple and fun casual game

An addictively fun and simple game filled with action with full HD on the Retina display.  No cost to play, no gimmicks or in-app purchases, just hours of quirky fun.



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