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Gates To Infinity Open May 17th

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 25 - 2013

Just a reminder for everyone who wants to be a Pokémon rather than just catch them, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity for 3DS will be arriving in stores on May 17th.


Introducing the facilities of Post Town

In Post Town, you’ll find many facilities to help you on  our journey. Among these are Rampardos’s Box Buster and Cofagrigus’s Glorious Gold.

Rampardos’s Box Buster is the place to open Treasure Boxes from dungeons! If you bring him a Treasure Box that you’ve found in a dungeon, Rampardos will use his favorite headbutting skills to bust it open for you. You may get useful items or even Team Skills from these Treasure Boxes! The more Team Skills you collect, the easier your adventure will become!

Cofagrigus’s Glorious Gold will take care of all your gold bars! You may sometimes find sparkling gold bars in dungeons. At Cofagrigus’s shop, Glorious Gold, you can exchange these gold bars for various items or money. You can even exchange them for rare TMs (Technical Machines) and the keys to open doors in dungeons!

Bring together your team members’ power with a team attack!

As you adventure in dungeons, you will find your mind syncing with the minds of your party members. When everyone’s in sync, you can lose a team attack!

A team attack is incredibly effective in battle, dealing damage to all enemy Pokémon in the area, restoring HP to your party based on the hero’s type, and more. Once you use your team attack, you will have to wait until you sync with your party members once more before you can use it again. Be sure to use it in the perfect situation!

Now your moves can grow, too!

Among your Pokémon’s moves, some will be able to grow if you use them a lot, causing their ranks to increase and their power, accuracy, and PP to go up. Once a move’s rank has been increased for one Pokémon, any teammate who knows the move will be able to use the powered-up version as well. Keep using your favorite moves to make them incredibly powerful!

Moves that have grown in this way will appear as “Lightning II,” “Lightning III,” “Lightning ★,” and so on. You will also be able to use the abbreviated forms of your move names on the screen.

Team Skills

The Treasure Boxes you find in dungeons might include one of the many kinds of team skills. By acquiring team skills, you may be able to befriend other Pokémon more easily, automatically know how many items can be found on a floor of a dungeon, or do many other useful things!

Downloadable content

Download the special dungeon Poké Forest for free!

Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and your copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, you will be able to download the new special dungeon Poké Forest.

Collect the currency of the Pokémon world hand over fist in Poké Forest! This special dungeon will be downloadable for free from the game’s release date until June 21st

There are many other dungeons that you can download and enjoy in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity aside from Poké Forest.

To download these dungeons, you will need a Nintendo 3DS system that can connect to the Internet and a balance in your Nintendo eShop account. Your Nintendo eShop balance can be charged using a credit card or a Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card.

Poké Forest and all other downloadable content can be obtained using the Add-On Content (TBD) button on the main menu or visiting the DLC Corner (TBD) in Post Town.

Note: You do not need to purchase any downloadable content to complete the game.


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