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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 18 - 2013

GGUK go to Paris on a Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

MQEL_CA_BossRoom Snotula

With the recent announcement that the Diablo-styled Might & Magic Raiders has ceased development, gamers who turn to Ubisoft for their free-to-play online offerings may feel a little sad. The cancellation of any game is upsetting (well, almost any game). But fear not Ubifans, it’s not like Ubisoft don’t have anything else to offer the frugal online gamer.

Shooter fans can turn to the mighty Ghost Recon Online for their action, and those wanting to rule over their very own little city and send their armies off on exciting adventures can start playing The Settlers Online. For fans of strategy or card games, we return to the Might & Magic universe for Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. Looking forward, we will return once again to the Might & Magic universe for the strategy RPG Might & Magic Heroes Online, along with Anno Online (beta coming soon). Really, Ubisoft have you covered.

But what about some form of Diablo clone for those of us with dungeon-crawling tendencies? Is there nothing to get us clicking like crazy as we fight our way through hordes of enemies in a mighty quest for epic loot?


Well, it just so happens that Ubisoft Montreal have something up their sleeves in that respect. And it was to try out Ubisoft’s upcoming, free-to-play The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot that we found ourselves in the city of love, Paris.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot actually goes beyond offering a dungeon crawling experience to gamers. The game is split into two quite distinct, yet cleverly interlinked, parts. The first part of the game is classic dungeon crawling with the player taking a character into someone elses castle and hacking their way through to the treasure room before the time runs out. The other part sees the player kitting out their own castle to prevent other players from reaching their own treasure room.


So, before we get into the action of stealing loot from other players’ castles, let’s take a look at home improvement and security. TMQFEL gives each player their very own castle and then gives them the chance to expand or buff it, for a price, and fill it with all manner of devious traps or monsters as they attempt to prevent, or at least slow down, any potential intruders from reaching the treasure room. There is a limit to how much can be placed in the castle, forcing players to carefully plan their defences. With traps such as the springboard panel, which launches the invading players into the air, and monsters including the likes of Count Snotula, Smelly Warrior and Jimbo, the games humour really shines through.

And what home security would be complete without CCTV? Players are able to watch replays of other players trying to invade their castles, giving them the chance to tweak their defences as they spot weaknesses. The player can even work through their own castle should they wish, just to test it out.

But we are here looking for Epic Loot and we are not going to find it in our own castles. It’s time to grab a hero and head for the floating castles of other players.


At the time of testing the game out, two character types were available to play as – the mighty Knight or the nimble Archer. Being a ranger at heart, possibly due to my love of green tights and merry men, I spent my time playing with the Archer, although players who prefer to get more into the thick of it as they raid castles, or those who prefer not to die quite so often, could well be better served by taking the Knight with his excellent melee weapons and shiny armour.

The goal is to make your way through the castle, avoiding traps and laying waste to monsters, and reach the treasure room. Making it within the time limit will result in an unlocked chest and, hopefully, Epic Loot. If the time limit has expired, then the chest will remain locked. But that doesn’t make it a wasted journey as there is plenty of loot and cold, hard cash to be found when fighting the monsters. There is always a risk with raiding a castle and if the player dies or simply needs to escape the castle, they will find their money pouch a little lighter.

The heroes are customisable and level up as they progress. Boosts can be applied and health potions can be stocked up on. Different armour and weapons can be equipped, including some of the Epic Loot that the player is searching for. For example, the Sword of Over Nine Thousand Truths sounds like the kind of thing I need in my arsenal.


But the Archer, my choice of hero for this particular outing, is all about the hit and run tactics. With a variety of different ranged shots available, such as the deadly head shot or the spiral shot, and his Hawk companion able to stun monsters, the Archer is deadly from a distance. Dropping Caltrops can cause damage to any monsters that try to get too close, but otherwise the Archer is best kept out of harms way, unlike the tank-like Knight who can bowl through enemies and soak up damage like a sponge. The result was that I died many times.

Maybe the Archer was not best suited to my play style, especially when speed and confined spaces are an issue. Still, it was a lot of fun trying. Hopefully The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will be entering open beta before long and so far it looks like it will be an absolute blast.


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