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BradyGames Official Dead Island Riptide Strategy Guide

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 7 - 2013

We all need someone to hold our hands in Dead Island Riptide.

BradyGames have been making strategy guides for a while now, and every big videogame release is generally accompanied by one of their hefty tomes packed with important information. Deep Silver’s recently released Dead Island Riptide is no exception, and may be more in need of a guide than many games.


The open-world nature of Dead Island Riptide makes the use of a good guide all the more necessary. The sheer number of collectibles and secret areas in the game can leave players feeling incomplete even when they have played the game through to its conclusion, and it is here where a guide will come in handy. There are also a lot of choices for the player to make, and little things that they would do well to know before hand to make their game a touch easier, again making a guide useful. Of course a walkthrough of the main story can be referenced for those that get stuck, but this is perhaps one of the lesser reasons to pick up a guide.

Pretty much all of the information found with the BradyGames Official Strategy Guide for Dead Island Riptide can be found on the internet. But there is nowhere online that you can find all of this info in such a concise and easy to read manner. It is also much nicer to have a reference available to hand without having to run to a computer and start searching.

The BradyGames Guides are well known for not only being a fountain of gaming knowledge, but also for being very well put together. The Dead Island Riptide guide is no different in this respect, with information ordered into logical sections, and packed with artwork and screenshots from the game. If nothing else, it really makes for a good read.


But the real reason for a guide is to help the player, and everything that a player needs for Dead Island Riptide can be found within. The guide begins with a brief overview of the game mechanics before jumping headlong into detail about the different characters and their skill trees. This kind of information is essential for the player to know before they start, allowing them to make informed choices about which character to choose and the assignment of upgrades.

The guide then takes the reader Zombie watching on Palanai with details of the different undead that the player will come across on the island, complete with threat levels and weaknesses. There is also in depth coverage of the Dead Zones and strategies for dealing with the boss Zombies.

The walkthrough itself is extensive and covers everything you could want to know about the main game, including a step by step guide to the objectives in each area, and handy hints to make the game easier. Whilst many players will likely avoid this part of the guide, at least for the first playthrough, anyone who gets stuck will easily be able to solve their problems. The maps included in the guide are far superior to anything that can be seen on the screen, and have all of the places of interest clearly marked for the player to find.

There is a small section on the Team Quests before the guide goes in depth with the crafting system, collectibles and points of interest. For the completionist, this section of the book will prove to be essential, with everything you will need to find marked on detailed maps.

The guide wraps up with a small section discussing co-operative play and then tables covering the challenges and achievements/trophies.


Not all games warrant a guide, but Dead Island Riptide with its open-world setting and huge number of collectibles really does benefit from BradyGames’ helping hand. If you have picked up Deep Silver’s open world Zombie title, then grabbing the Official Dead Island Riptide Strategy Guide will enhance the game and increase you chances of surviving a Zombie outbreak in a tropical paradise.




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