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Bannermen Launches On Steam

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Megatastic Mega Man Tattoo

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What’s inside this Playstation 3?

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Hardcore turn-based tactics RPG Battle Brothers heads to Switch in 2020

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Posted by GG Goblin On May - 31 - 2013

The 2010 Xbox360 Summer of Arcade hit is coming to the PlayStation Vita on June 5th.

Another exciting chapter for Double Eleven as it is announced that they have developed the debut mobile console version of LIMBO for Playdead on the PlayStation Vita.

LIMBO originally released in 2010 and garnered many awards including “Best Indie Game” in the 2012 PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards and Apple’s Design Award in 2012.
LIMBO is the next big title after LittleBigPlanet to come through the Double Eleven doors. The original version of the game saw three and a half years of meticulous development and is an extraordinary artistic accomplishment.

“LIMBO for us is the gaming equivalent of a priceless painting. Rarely do all the right ingredients come together in the industry to allow for the creation of a game like LIMBO, as it did for Playdead. We feel truly honoured to be the first external developer to work on LIMBO, and bring it to the PlayStation Vita. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure all the details, subtleties and nuances have been preserved from its home console legacy ”, says Mark South, COO at Double Eleven.

“This version of the game is for the first time being made externally”, says Dino Patti, Playdead CEO told us. “In the way we work there is normally no room for outsourcing, but the talented team at Double Eleven has convinced us that this was the right decision.”

Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe commented, “Having the first mobile version of LIMBO on PlayStation Vita is part of our enduring commitment to ensure it has a strong, competitive catalogue of quality titles. Both Playdead and Double Eleven have shown a tremendous amount of energy and attention to detail in re-creating the PS3 experience on PlayStation Vita.”



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