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Flotsam Launches To Early Access

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SteelSeries Ion Controller

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Battleborn’s First Free DLC Hero Launch Dated, Double XP Weekend Announced

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System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition currently in Development

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Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 2 - 2013

Find the nuts with Mr. Nibbles.

Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo, developed by Team Pesky and published by Pixel Toys, is a cute platforming game that originally appeared on iOS and has now made its way into the Nintendo eShop. The game stars a square-shaped, glasses-wearing squirrel known as Mr. Nibbles, who is on a mission to retrieve as many of his acorns as possible through four seasonal environments.
The squirrel, armed with just his wit and skill, will have to work through a large collection of nut gathering levels by running, swinging, jumping from platform to platform in this zany title. Moving through the levels is made easy with the intuitive button layout, and the player will find themselves having to collect the acorns in a level before the exit can be accessed. However, if for some reason while gathering the player accidentally misses one or more of the remaining acorns, they won’t be allowed to exit through the door to the next level and the game will alert them to the remaining nuts. Collecting all the acorns will not only result in the exit becoming available, but also the appearance of fruit, the collecting of which is another objective within each level. Two final objectives remain – complete the level within a time limit and destroy all of the enemies within the level.

The levels are split into seasons and bring with them environmental changes, from spring and the early blossom of flowers, to autumn and it’s fallen leaves in the background. The seasons bring their own hazards, such as the slippery, precarious platforms that can be found in the winter levels, which will often see Mr. Nibbles falling to the ground. A fall cannot harm our Squirrel hero, but his inability to swim means that deep water can spell the end of his current adventure.


Throughout the levels, you’ll find various springs to leap on while trying to avoid being attacked by green caterpillars, and you will be watching out for mischievous pea-shooting raccoons that will try to shoot you while you swing from platform to platform. If however your squirrel is hit by a caterpillar, attacked by a ladybird or stung by a bee, he’ll let out a resounding ‘Ow’, which is really quite funny, and he’ll start flashing to indicate he’s been hit.

There are various items that your squirrel can obtain to aid him, including some protective headgear that will leave Mr. Nibbles a ‘tough nut’, as the game puts it. This allows him to continue his progress without being hurt by other insects or hazards in the game. As the game is on a time limit, you do have the opportunity to grab time clocks which are floating through the levels and this gives you extra time to gather your nuts and make a bee-line to the door.  Jumping from platform to platform requires a little skill, but armed with a purple propelling hat you’re able to perform a ‘super jump’ which will come in handy for those extra high or long jumps.

Enemies are easily defeated by simply jumping on their heads and there are plenty of power-ups to help you gain the advantage in the game. There are also different costume items that can be collected as you play, giving Mr. Nibbles a new look.

Beyond the basic game there is the new Turbo mode, which ramps up the speed for those who love a good speed run, and a Challenge mode offering 10 challenges with different difficulty levels. The levels in the game are all relatively short, so the addition of extra modes bulks the content up a bit.

The visuals of the game are truly delightful and, teamed with the funky soundtrack, make the game highly appealing. The basic mechanics are simple and work really well, and the small level design with the quick hit gameplay, and the awesome costumes that you get to unlock, result in a game perfectly suited for the eShop and worth investing in.

It is very easy to get pulled into the world of Mr. Nibbles and his missing nuts. Grab this highly enjoyable nutty experience now on the eShop.



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