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There’s A Lot Of Tracks In GRID 2

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 16 - 2013

Yesterday afternoon on the Codemasters blog, they released a list of the tracks that will feature in the upcoming GRID 2, and there is a whole lot of them!

Check out the original post over at the Codies Blog, but we replicated the list here for you and then you can get ready for some racing as GRID 2 is due to drift into stores on May 31st for Xbox360, PS3 and PC.

- Tenshi Way, Okutama [Day & Night]
- Collins Park Ring, Miami [Day & Night]
- Indy Circuit Reversed, Brands Hatch [Day]
- GP Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
- Arc De Triomphe, Paris [Day & Night]
- Le Trocadero, Paris [Sunset]
- National Circuit, Algarve [Day]
- Infield Circuit, Indianapolis [Day]
- Columbus Pass, Barcelona [Day & Night]
- South Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
- Memorial Gate, Barcelona [Day & Night]
- Redwood Approach, California [Day & Night]
- Tatsu Valley, Okutama [Day & Night]
- Downtown Speedway, Miami [Day & Night]
- Pacific Way, California [Sunset]
- Big Sur, California [Day & Night]
- GP Circuit, Algarve [Day]
- Fountain Loop, Barcelona [Sunset]
- Championship Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
- Shinto Shrine, Okutama [Day & Night]
- Sport Circuit , Indianapolis [Day]
- Saint-Laurent, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
- LiveRoutes, Dubai [Day]
- Al Sufouh Strip, Dubai [Day & Night]
- International Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
- Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong [Sunset]
- Riverside, Chicago [Sunset]
- Kowloon Climb, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
- Marine Gate, Barcelona [Day & Night]
- Paddock Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
- Pont De L’alma, Paris [Day & Night]
- Nakheel Vista, Dubai [Day & Night]
- Hattan Way, Dubai [Sunset]
- North Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
- Circuit De La Seine, Paris [Day & Night]
- Wan Chai Gap, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
- Causeway Approach, Miami [Day & Night]
- Ocean Drive, Miami [Sunset]
- Torii Rush, Okutama [Sunset]
- GP Circuit Reversed (Pre-order) , Brands Hatch [Day]
- The Loop, Chicago [Day & Night]
- Leopolda, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
- Cabrillo Highway, Cote d’Azur [Sunset]
- Mizu Mountain, Okutama [Day & Night]
- Gulf Approach, Dubai [Day & Night]
- Wabash Run, Chicago [Day & Night]
- LiveRoutes, Chicago [Day]
- Route d’Azur, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
- GP Circuit (Pre-order), Brands Hatch [Day]
- La Turbie, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
- Peak Road Descent, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
- Champs Elysees, Paris [Sunset]
- South Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
- Sakura Pass, Okutama [Sunset]
- LiveRoutes, Miami [Day]
- GP Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
- Pebble Beach Drive, California [Day & Night]
- Route De Corniche, Cote d’Azur [Sunset]
- North Circuit, Indianapolis [Pre-Order Bonus] [Day]
- Sport Circuit, Algarve [Day]
- Indy Circuit, Brands Hatch [Day]
- Magazine Gap, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
- Avenue De New-York, Paris [Day & Night]
- Underpass Ring, Chicago [Day & Night]
- Orra Quay Loop, Dubai [Sunset]
- Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong [Sunset]
- High Street, Barcelona [Day & Night]
- Club Circuit, Algarve [Day]
- Lake Shore Point, Chicago [Day & Night]
- Bixby Pass, California [Day & Night]
- GP Circuit, Indianapolis [Day]
- Oval Circuit, Indianapolis [Pre-Order Bonus] [Day]
- Columbus Bay, Barcelona [Sunset]
- LiveRoutes, Paris [Day]
- LiveRoutes, Barcelona [Day]
- South Point Bay, Miami [Day / Night]
- Art Deco Loop, Miami [Sunset]
- GP Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
- South Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
- Marina City, Chicago [Sunset]
- Jumeirah Beach, Dubai [Day & Night]
- North Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]


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