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Worms Revolution Collection

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 2 - 2013

Worms are revolting!

It is quite easy to make jokes about Worms. The wriggly little things lend themselves well to puns, and this fact has only been amplified by Team17’s long running Worms series of laughter-filled 2D competitive strategy games. But let’s spend a minute thinking about all of the worms who have been unceremoniously trodden upon, snapped up by hungry birds, or blown to pieces by an exploding sheep…


The latest entry in the Worms series from Team17 is Worms Revolution and Mastertronic have once again taken the digital game and slapped it on a disc, packaged it up and placed it happily in stores for the videogame buying public. Worms: The Revolution Collection will be sliding its way into stores on May 3rd and packages not only the Worms Revolution game and three chunks of DLC, in the form of Mars, Funfair and Medieval Tales, but also throws in the classic Worms 2 Armageddon, complete with five DLC packs. That is a lot of Wormy action for the low asking price of £24.99.

Mastertronic’s Collection packs, of which there have been a few, always represent good value for money and a convenient way to jump into a series without having additional purchases. They are also handy for those gamers who simply don’t have decent access to the internet (I know that they are out there). Whilst they don’t offer anything special over the option of buying the games and DLC packs individually over Xbox Live, it saves some money, keeps everything in one place and looks good on the videogame shelf.

But can we expect a revolution with this latest package of Annelid action? Well, if you are a Worms fan, then there is plenty to be excited about.


The classic formula, which has pretty much remained the same in all the years that the Worms games have been around, is still the same. Teams of Worms take turns to try and destroy the others, with the winner being the last worm standing. It is all fairly straight forward stuff. Worms Revolution makes a few leaps with vastly improved graphics giving the 2D game a 3D effect, and dynamic water effects allowing the ever-present water to be used as a weapon.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to Revolution is the introduction of classes for your Worms. Setting your Worms as Scouts, Scientists, Heavies of regular Soldiers adds both a new level of customisation to a game that is already brimming with customisation options, and a new level of strategy. The Scout is agile and moves quickly, whereas the Heavy is slow but tough. The Scientist provides healing to the team, and the Soldier is your all rounder from all of the previous games.

And, as always, there are a whole bunch of new weapons included in the game. This is one of the major attractions of the Worms games, the imaginative ways that the developers let you wipe out your opponents. The new physics objects expand the destruction even further. Things like water bottles that can be destroyed to wash away an unsuspecting worm, or lighters which explode quite dramatically if destroyed, all give you further options when it comes to domination of the battlefield.


Both of the Worms games included in this collection come with their fair share of customisation options, which are bolstered by the inclusion of multiple DLC packs, and a nice selection of modes, from the simple single player missions, through the puzzle options, and to the hugely entertaining multiplayer modes, both online and local. There is always fun to be had with the Worms games, especially if you have a buddy to share the sofa with.

Value for money and a healthy dose of Wormy fun seem to be the order of the day with Worms: The Revolution Collection. The only real problem that I have is that the previous Worms Collection was only released late last year, and that also contained Worms 2 Armageddon. This obviously diminishes the value of The Revolution Collection for those who consider themselves Worms fans that happened to pick up the Worms Collection.


But still, Worms: The Revolution Collection offers the solid, entertaining gameplay that we have all come to know and love from Team17’s Annelid heroes. It contains a massive amount of content, enough to keep any worm watcher happy for a long time to come, and offers great value for money. If you are a Worms fan who has yet to pick up Revolution and you want the game complete with DLC, and Worms 2 Armageddon as an added bonus, then this is surely the pack for you. Pick it up and get your Worm on!




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