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DUST 514 Mercenary Pack Announced

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Sackboy Movie Auditions

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Mario Kart 8 Racing Into Stores Tomorrow

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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn announced for Nintendo 3DS

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Next up was EA’s press conference, and it wasn’t half bad.

Look, here in the UK, time is getting on. Not only are these press conferences interfering with my gaming time, but also my food time. So, due to a fried chicken related incident, I actually missed the beginning of the EA E3 Press Conference. Sadly that meant missing Peter Moore explaining that eleven games would be on show at this event, or so I am told. But hey, at least I made it in time for some plant-based shooter action.

Yeah, it’s a third-person shooter from PopCap based in the Plants Vs Zombies world. Garden Warfare will first be coming to the Xbox One, with a PS4 version coming later, and will four-player co-op action, with players able to take different classes of plants into the battle “garden” for different purposes, such as the Sunflower for healing friends and the Cactus for some long range support. It all looked very strange, but surprisingly fun. This particular segment ended with the surprise announcement that Peggle 2 is on the way.

Then we had a second visit to Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall in the form of a behind the scenes style video in which the developers discussed making the game. “We wanted to make the worlds more compelling and relatable to the players.” they said, which is easier said than done in a game that revolves around giant mechs. Still, the game looks really good…

Next, in a “blink and you miss it” micro trailer, DICE revealed that Star Wars Battlefront is on the way. It’s okay, you can breathe now.

A trailer for Need For Speed Rivals followed, along with information about the new AllDrive system. AllDrive can feature a single player racing, only to have another player joining as a cop and trying to catch him, while a third player can then call in a helicopter via their tablet. It is pretty exciting stuff, which led in well to Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) talking about next year’s Need for Speed movie.

Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition has the player trying to restore order to a world in turmoil in a next-gen RPG. The Fires Above trailer that came after looked suitably epic.

It was time for EA Sports to strut their stuff next, and show off their IGNITE engine in a whole bunch of upcoming games. I am not really a huge fan of sports games, so I did zone out slightly, but they covered NBA Live 14 with a new dribbling system called Bouncetek, then Madden NFL 25 including the new True Step Locomotion system. The mighty FIFA 14 includes the Pro Instincts system increasing the number of calculations a player makes, and EA Sports finished up with some MMA action in UFC.

Only two more games remained, and with that the conference handed things over to DICE for some really impressive Battlefield 4 multiplayer action, with no less than 64 players going into battle. We got to see the new Commander mode in action, where a player takes the role of commander with an overhead view for support purposes (which is available on a tablet), and we saw a skyscraper blow up as the players jumped from the top and parachuted down to relative safety.

And then, with just enough time for one final trailer, Mirror’s Edge 2 was confirmed, along with the message that it will be out when it is ready. Oh, you teases…


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