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Posted by GG Goblin On July - 12 - 2013

Does anyone else fancy Chimichangas?

High Moon Studios must have had an awful lot of fun making the Deadpool game. Quite frankly, it is absolutely mental. But is that enough to make a good gaming experience?


Deadpool, Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth. He has a super healing factor, meaning that he cannot die. He knows his way around guns and is fairly capable in melee combat. And he is absolutely insane – which is where the fun comes in.

Y’see, Deadpool has broken the fourth wall and is able to converse with the reader of the comics, and in this case the player of the game. He is completely aware that he is a fictional character, and this fact is often a subject of much discussion with the voices in his head.

The game is absolutely dripping with humour based around the fact that this is a videogame. Deadpool will poke fun at the cliches found in games, even as the game itself runs with those cliches. Often times Deadpool will actively chat with the player, maybe suggesting that if the player was a better shot, we wouldn’t have run out of bullets. He has Nolan North, the voice actor for deadpool, on speed dial. He threatens High Moon Studios into making this game about him. At one point in the game, when things take a decidedly 2D dungeon crawler flavour, there is a suggestion that the budget for the game had been blown on the exploding helicopter from earlier. It really is all very silly.


And when the chuckles are not coming from the games’ awareness that it is a game, it comes from Deadpool’s usual juvenile, sexist humour that he is known for in the comic books. There are not really any boundaries for Deadpool, he is that crazy. If you have read any of the comic books, then you know what to expect. There are some walk ons by other Marvel characters through the game, usually just to act as the butt for Deadpool’s jokes, but it is nice to see for comic book fans.

However, for all of the humour and fan service in the Deadpool videogame, it is still a videogame and thus needs to be entertaining to play.

So when it comes down to the gameplay, some players may well be slightly disappointed to know that there is nothing hugely special here. Deadpool plays as a standard button masher, with the player spending equal time dealing death with the numerous guns in the game, and chopping or kicking in melee. Combos abound and the player can level up and unlock new combos or improve their weapons as they progress through the game. The other ability that Deadpool can rely on to help him is a short distance teleport that can be used to get him out of trouble, but very little more.


Besides all of the fighting, which makes up the majority of the game, there is some basic platforming as Deadpool tries to reach certain areas, and a few special sequences to break up the monotony, such as firing a gun from a chopper in an on-rails sequence, or being inside a giant foot.

The environments that the game plays through lack a certain amount of imagination, as if High Moon used up all of their imagination in recreating the character of deadpool himself. The same can be said for the enemies, with the exception of certain villains that have come over from the comics and provide yet more fan service.

There are no real problems here. The game is a touch on the short side, clocking in at around five to six hours, and the camera can go a bit wonky at times. But otherwise, everything works. It is just that the game is slightly uninspired, amounting to the cliche that the game itself mocks so readily. Personally, I enjoyed it – it is good, mindless fun. But that could have been due to my being a big fan of Wade Wilson to start with.


How much you get out of the Deadpool videogame really does depend on how much of a Deadpool fan you are. If you relish the adventures of the Merc with a Mouth, then the fan service paid by High Moon will be enough to keep you chuckling all the way through this somewhat short game. However, if the mention of Deadpool only manages to cast your mind back to an eighties action movie with Clint Eastwood, then there is every possibility that the uninspiring gameplay will leave you disappointed. Deadpool himself is great, but the rest of the game struggles to live up to his inflated ego.




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