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Amnesia Collection Out On PS4

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Remember Me Signature Series Guide

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 1 - 2013

A guide to someone else’s memories.

In Remember Me, the third person action title from Capcom, the player takes on the role of Nilin in a near future where memories can be digitised to be bought, sold or traded. Nilin was an elite memory hunter, but here abilities have led to her being arrested and her memory wiped. The player must now control Nilin as she escapes from prison and tries to regain her memories and find out who she is. Oh, and there is also the matter of bringing down a global corporation.


To accompany the release of the game, BradyGames made sure that one of their Signature Series Guides were available to help gamers who may have trouble remembering Remember Me. As always with the Signature Series Guides, the Remember Me guide is packed full of everything that a player would need to know to get the most from the game, from just getting to the end, to all of the little secrets that can be found throughout. It is, of course, also finished to a high standard with gorgeous screenshots throughout and high quality maps.

The Remember Me guide comes in a little smaller than the previous guides of late, clocking in at only just over 200 pages. This is more due to the length of the game and the lack of multiplayer rather than anything being omitted from the guide itself. But rest assured that the Remember Me guide is more than complete, covering the Xbox360, PS3 and PC versions of the game.

The guide begins by taking the reader through the basics of playing the game, with the controls listed for all of the formats. Whilst this early section covers that which is explained in the game, it acts as a handy reminder and reference, and goes so far as to explain the mechanics, abilities and tech in more detail.

The combat system is then described in detail. It is explained how to use the Combo Lab to tinker with the Pressens that Nilin unlocks as she levels up, and also the S-Pressens – the special attacks that become available to Nilin. Information about the combos and the stats for moves are all listed in such a way that it is easy for the player to find what they need, when they need it.


And where would a good guide be without a rogues gallery of the enemies that the player will be facing within the game. Hostile Threats not only lists the Leapers, Enforcers and Robots that Nilin will be facing during the game, but goes into detail about their habits and allows the player gain the tactical advantage during combat.

But the meat of the guide comes from the walkthrough. Each area of the game comes fully mapped with the objectives listed and the types of enemies that the player is likely to encounter. Collectibles are displayed on each map, making it very easy for the player to grab everything they can before moving on. And each area is also described in writing, explaining what the player has to do and when. It is this written description that will get the player out of jams more than the maps will, although both are handy for the completionist.

The guide wraps up with a listing of the achievements and trophies available in the game, and an extensive guide to the Mnesist Memories which are scattered through the game and build on the Remember Me back story.

There is no denying that the BradyGames Signature Series Remember Me Guide is a handy companion to the game, and having a guide such as this is far easier than having to keep reference the internet. But Remember Me is a particularly straight forward game which is relatively light on complexity, making the need for a guide somewhat less. That being said, if a guide is needed then this is the one to have.


Slightly smaller than some BradyGames guides, the Signature Series Remember Me guide doesn’t have the same “value for money” feel as some other game guides. But the guide is complete, skillfully and clearly answering any and all questions that a Remember Me player could have. It will hold your hand through the game and won’t look upon you disdainfully if you make a stupid mistake – It’s the kind of companion we all need.




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