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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale announced for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC

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Overwatch: GOTYE arrives in retail stores from starting July 28th

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Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 12 - 2013

Crazy Dave was unavailable for questions…

During our time spent checking out the upcoming Plants Versus Zombies 2 from Popcap, GGUK had the chance to sit down with Adrien Yorozu, UX Director of Plants Vs Zombies 2 and ask some questions.

Q1:. Plants vs zombies 2 – the first question has to be “why did it take so long?”

(Lots of laughter) I think our goal everytime we create a new game is to put quality first and really it took us this long to really get the game right. There were a few earlier shuns that had to be thrown out and they weren’t the direction we wanted to go and we noodled over the different options we had, and the one we landed on about a year and a half, two years ago and it’s been coming together ever since. Beginning it right, is what took the most time.

Q2: The original Plants vs Zombies enjoyed huge success and made its way onto pretty much every gaming platform – what was the magical formula that made it so successful?

We think it had a lot to do with the humour, the personality of the characters. The depth and the ability to really capture a broad audience. Really we have the child and adults enjoying the interplay and also having the ability to have different challenge levels. So you can have a really novice gamer or really experienced gamer and there’s something for everybody. I think that’s what brought such a broad audience, which allowed us to have so many platforms appropriate for the game.

Q3: The original will be a hard act to follow – what can you possibly bring to Plants vs Zombies 2 that would improve on the first game?

I think one of the reasons we wanted to launch this game on the iOS platform was to really take advantage of the touch and the interaction that these devices provide and I definitely think that has a plus up the experience. Also we have plant food and power-ups to give players new ways to interact. So rather than creating more of the same kind of sentimentality from the Plants Versus Zombies original game, We really wanted to create new experiences and so directly interact with the plants and interact with the zombies. I think it really adds a whole new mode of play.

Q4: Plants vs Zombies 2 is all set for an iOS release – what made you choose the mobile platform over PC?

For us it really was about the focus for our fans. We’ve got the largest fan base on mobile and we also happen to know mobile really well. This is something we’ve been practicing with, with some of our other games. I think it’s important for us that we launch on a platform we feel comfortable about and feel we can really have a success and for us that was the iOS platform.

Q5: 5. And will we be seeing Plants Vs Zombies 2 coming to other platforms in the future?

We are definitely focused on figuring out what are the right platforms if any we would like to launch on, that’s part of our initiative. We like to be in the places our fans are and we’ve got fans who are looking for us on a specific platform, then we want to really address that.

Q6: I am sure many gamers would happily pay for the new Plants vs Zombies game, so why make it “free to play”?

Free to play really is about being able to get the game available to the largest audience possible and no doubt free to play opens the doors to people who may have never tried the original Plants Versus Zombies and who are willing to give that game free, a shot. We are able to capture our old audience and new audience with the quality and accessibility.

Q7: Will there be any point when the player will have to spend their money to progress?

We don’t have any pay gates in the game, so you will be able to play all of the map content and get all the map rewards for free. There are opportunities for a player who chooses to pay to do so within the gameplay, but there won’t be any pay gates.

Q8: Crazy Dave is back – will he be releasing another song? And when will he get his own game?

(Lots of laughter and pause for thought) I don’t have a definite answer for you on either of those things. Definitely the song has been talked about quite a bit, so we’ll see if something successful comes out of it. (lots of laughter) you’re not the only person who’s asked about that, so I’ll have to take that information back to the team and see what we come back with.


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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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