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Cobalt Out Now

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Warhammer Vermintide 2 Arriving Q1 2018

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Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 12 - 2013

It’s nearly time to visit Crazy Dave again.

Plants Versus Zombies 2 takes off where the original Plants Versus Zombies ended. You start by defending your house and your lawn just like you were doing in the original and PopCap have remastered all the sounds, graphics, animations and all the characters from the first game. The animations have been redrawn to include different attack animations. In the first game, there were a lot of transform animations, which included flat images to look like some actions were performed and taking place. PopCap have stepped up a gear by addressing this matter, doubling the frame rate in order to get the desired effect.


There is a true narrative storyline in Plants Versus Zombies 2. If you recall halfway through the original version of the game, Crazy Dave buys a Taco from you for a thousand coins. What you might not know is that he chose to hold onto that Taco and not eat it. So in this story, Crazy Dave has arrived at the decision to eat the Taco, and thinks it is the most amazing Taco he’s ever eaten. His mission is to try and re-eat that Taco using time travel. We’re introduced to Penny, his very own time machine. She’s going to take him back five minutes so he can re-eat that Taco, but being the Plants Versus Zombies world, something goes wrong and he accidentally finds himself in Egypt.

Plants Versus Zombies 2 is all about time travel. PopCap have given you some of the same plants and zombies, but they have all been remastered. There are different time zones, new art from each of the worlds and brand new zombies for each world. We’re shown Crazy Dave’s Time Space Taco Map, which shows the different worlds playable; Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and Wild West.

PopCap are launching the game with three worlds and in each of those worlds you will be able to experience all the new plants, zombies, unlock new worlds and experience various upgrades. PopCap tells us you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time to experience the game, but they will be launching new content over time. PopCap’s objective is to launch new worlds and for Plants Versus Zombies fans to choose whatever level they want, to go back and forth from levels and retry levels if you get stuck.

The game enables you to experience Adventure Mode; this is the mode where you’ll spend the majority of your time and be introduced to challenge zones. These challenge zones bring different objectives, such as protecting and defending a specific plant, to not spending so many suns or disabling areas of the board you can play on. These will provide additional layers of challenge to the player.


Throughout the game, a number of zombies will drop keys when defeated, enabling you to enter key gates. These key gates can be accessible through keys dropped by zombies or you can purchase them with real currency to accelerate your progress. Earn enough stars and you’ll be able to enter the stargate. This is your portal to time travel. The worlds PopCap are launching with offer linear progression; however, after you finish the Wild West, the worlds will no longer be linear, so as PopCap release additional worlds, you can play them in any order or choose to pay to accelerate through gates. Players will also be introduced to Endless modes for each of the worlds once they have been completed in Adventure mode.

The game boasts a nice selection of wacky and humorous characters thoughout, such as the Bonk Choy, who rapidly punches enemies with a kind of happy slap around the chops. The Chili Bean, once eaten by a zombie, defeats the zombie and releases a deadly gas. The Cabbage-Pult hurls cabbages over obstacles at the enemy, always handy if you don’t mind flying cabbages being hurled everywhere. The SnapDragon breathes fire in any area in front of it, so prepare to singe the hair from incoming enemies.

Playing the game on the ipad, the player will be able to swipe and collect coins and suns instead of having to tap individually on each one. One of the new features the game has available is plant food. Plant food is a new way to attack the zombies. Plant food is naturally earned through levels but doesn’t carry on to the next. New zombies also have the ability to steal your sun, but when you defeat them, you can earn a little bit of the sun back. The Plant food can be purchased with coins earned naturally, or you can choose to purchase additional coin packs through micros-transactions.

The game has a number of power-ups available, which can be used directly against the zombies. These include pinching the heads off of zombies or picking up zombies and flicking them off screen. The power zap allows you to zap zombies. With the touch screen interface you can use the zap to highlight multiple zombies at the same time and distribute an electric shock.

Beyond Egypt, the player will find themselves dealing with zombies in both Pirate Seas and the Wild West. Pirate Seas is all about ship to ship combat and you’re going to see various things happening from lane pattern changes to zombies flying over missing planks of wood. The Wild West world enables you to move plants about for the first time and plant inside minecarts which can be moved along the rails. The Wild West is the hardest of the three worlds.

Plants Versus Zombies 2 will be arriving soon for iOS devices and will be free-to-play. Crazy Dave approves!

We would like to take this opportunity to PopCap Games and their team for their time for the interview and all the lovely Plants Vs Zombies 2 merchandise given to us and extremely nice Crazy Dave cupcakes!

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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