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Pokémon Rumble U Launches Alongside NFC Figures

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 16 - 2013

Pokémon Rumble U launched yesterday on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, and GAME bring NFC figures to use in the game.


For the first time on the Wii U, Pokémon Rumble U NFC (Near-Field Communication) Figures based on Toy Pokémon will be available to link up with Pokémon Rumble U via the Wii U GamePad. The Pokémon that show up in Pokémon Rumble U when you scan a Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figure using the GamePad can grow stronger by using Coins that you receive in-game. Players can change moves or add a Special Trait to their Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figure so it can become one of their most dependable allies in the game. The in-game data can even be saved in the Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figure so you can take your customised character wherever you go.

Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figures—including Pikachu, Mewtwo, Victini, Darkrai, Deoxys (Normal Forme), Eevee, and Lucario—will be available in specially created dispensers exclusively at GAME. A Special Edition pack will also be on sale at GAME and will contain a Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figure, plus an exclusive, limited edition Black Kyurem or White Kyurem Pokémon Rumble U NFC Figure, a double-sided poster, and a download code for the game, redeemable on the Nintendo eShop.

It will also be possible to purchase a stand-alone download code at GAME for the Pokémon Rumble U game, which can be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop.

Pokémon Rumble U is the tale of a great adventure featuring all 649 Pokémon revealed through Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. With hundreds of moves to master, Pokémon Rumble U will provide hours of entertainment for new and existing Pokémon fans alike.

Up to four players can enjoy multiplayer battles featuring cooperative play to defeat the strongest enemies with teamwork, or friendly competitions to see who can defeat and befriend the most Pokémon at one time.

Fans should also look out for special Passwords that will enable them to unlock other Toy Pokémon in their game. The first password is here –

Samurott: 87818558

Nintendo, GAME, and The Pokémon Company International are planning more promotions using more special Passwords. Look out for details in the media or on their websites: www.nintendo.co.ukwww.game.co.ukwww.pokemon.co.uk


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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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