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Limited Edition of Zone of the Enders HD Collection available 30th October

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Headsets That Deserve A Medal

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The Sims 3: Island Paradise

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 19 - 2013

Another day for Sims in paradise.

The Sims 4 has been announced and will be arriving next year. What could Maxis and EA possibly have in store for Sims lovers in the next installment of this epic series? Well, we could speculate about the upcoming game and lament going back to a contentless Sims installation whilst celebrating the far quicker loading time, but we are not yet done with The Sims 3, which still has a few tricks up its sleeve.


Oh no, the roll out of content for The Sims 3 has not finished yet. We have the Movie Stuff pack just around the corner, and then we will be taking our Sims Into The Future. However, before we can even contemplate these additions to our Sims’ already hectic lives, it is Summer and surely our Sims deserve some Island Paradise.

It is amazing really to think how far the Sims games have evolved over the years, even when my personal way of playing has not. The Sims was, and still is to a certain degree, all about time management and this is how I still play it. Manage your Sims wants and needs whilst making them as successful as possible within your self-imposed objective. But The Sims 3 has become much more than this, and people play the game to create stories and explore little lives upon their screens. Well, the latest expansion pack, Island Paradise, will let these players bring a little bit of Baywatch, Castaway and The OC to their tales, whilst players like myself have yet more activities to struggle with and social situations to avoid. It’s a Sim’s life…


Isla Paradiso is the main addition in Island Paradise, a new neighborhood into which to move your Sims which just happens to be an archipelago of tropical islands. The usual community lots are on hand, along with some new offerings in the form of resorts. In fact, Island Paradise brings something quite new to The Sims 3 in the form of resort management.

Creating, customising and running a resort is not for the feint of heart. There is more depth here than Sims players may be expecting, but it really is a welcome addition. Getting the resort up to scratch and then watching the reviews come in while waiting for that all important star rating is quite entertaining, and once everything is up and running, Sims can more or less sit back and watch the Simoleons roll in.


Being a tropical island setting, Island Paradise puts a lot of emphasis on water sports, such as scuba diving. Certain areas of the surrounding blue waters can be explored underwater, leading to all manner of adventures as the player increases their scuba diving skill, and will see treasures found, sharks confronted and even Mermaids. Players may even have the chance to transform their Sim into a Mermaid, which brings awesome diving skills at the price of a heavy reliance on sea water. Traveling generally involves using a boat of some sort, which can also be used in a purely recreational manner and to explore, possibly coming across one of the secret islands. With all of this boat use, wouldn’t it be so much easier to just live on a boat?

Well, Island Paradise has you covered with the chance to live on a houseboat. This is something quite new as not only can the player create the houseboat of their dreams, with as much customisation as players would expect to find with a real house, but they can also move the houseboat to different areas when they get fed up with their surroundings. What more could you want?

With all of this water around, and the temptation to go for a swim, the obvious new profession is Lifeguard. This is a new career path for the athletic or charismatic Sim and will have the Sim rescuing flailing Sims in a suitably heroic manner. Progression through the career will result in such wonders as a Lifeguard beach towel, the ability to run in slow motion, and even the unveiling of one of those secret hidden islands. It sounds like the perfect setting for a story…


The thing is, by now, casual Sims players are probably already waiting for the next main installment if they have heard about it, and the hardcore Sims fans would grab this expansion no matter what. There is not really much I can add, except to say that Isla Paradiso really is paradise and your Sims will be so grateful if you let them move there. You have sun, sea, mermaids and houseboats, and there are the resorts for the budding Sim entrepreneur. It may not be an essential addition to your Sims library, but The Sims 3: Island Paradise brings a tropical resort to your little virtual lives, and who wouldn’t want a bit of that?




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