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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time available Now on Apple Arcade

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Trails of Cold Steel I & II Coming to PC, Trails in the Sky the 3rd Releasing on May 3

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Saboteur Teaser

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Worms 3

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 19 - 2013

Open a can of worms on yor iOS device.

Worms 3 launches on iOS after a successful eighteen years for the popular franchise, blasting those hilarious worms with the fun and entertaining gamestyle that we have all come to know and love from Team17. Traditionally, the Worms games have held the spotlight on the PC before porting onto the other platforms. But this time around we see a Worms game that has been built from the ground up specifically for the touchscreen.

worms 3 review 1

The turn-based strategy game leaps onto touch screen interfaces with hilarity and grace and captures its audience as soon as the game starts. This time around, Team17 have added collectible strategic playing cards to enhance game-play and have added a variety of new weapons to experiment with. While the core mechanics remain the same, involving completely wiping out the enemy on a randomly created battlefield with a massive selection of weapons, the inclusion of the playing cards adds a new level of strategy to the game, bringing something different for veteran players and new players alike.

The wormy cards come in three different categories – Bronze, Silver and Gold. They add challenge to the game with their various different effects, from improving health status or changing gravity, to adjusting the direction of the wind. The cards can be used to change the environment for everyone, aid the player or hinder their opponent.  For instance, my worm needed to navigate to an area on the battlefield, but there was a huge, gaping hole between me and the area I needed to be in. With the help of an anti-gravity card, I was able to maneuver my worm with ease through the air, without suffering instant death by the offending hole. Other uses included changing the direction of the wind in my favour, handy for those trick bazooka shots, or boosting the health crates flown in.

worms 3 review 2

In Worms 3, we’re also introduced to BodyCount mode, a wormy survival mode, whereby randomly generated landscapes and waves of AI Worms have to be dealt with. You have a limited amount of weapons and health to work with, which can make the gameplay challenging at times and while you think you may have killed those generated worms, you’re in for a surprise when the game re-spawns more worms for you to annihilate in an endless mode fashion. It’s all about staying alive for as long as possible and how many worms you’ve killed in the process. It’s fun, but sometimes frantic.

Besides the Body Count mode, the local game mode enables you to play through a variety of tutorials and reach a number of objectives. Online multiplayer is present, as you would expect, but includes asynchronous play, which allows for a more relaxed gaming session without having to set too much time aside. Pass N Play mode is surely the best for local multiplayer, with the device being passed between players for each turn.

Players will find themselves being rewarded with coins with which the playing cards can be purchased. As always there is ample customization in Worms 3, allowing for a more personal experience.

worms 3 review 3

The Worm classes make a return in Worms 3. Different types of worms have different skills and abilities, such as the Soldier who is your average all-rounder, to the Scout who can move quickly and is much more mobile. You’ll also be able to play around with the Scientist who supports the complete team and the heavy worm that’s extremely powerful, but moves more like a snail.

The gameplay is fun, if a little bit awkward on the iphone. However, when played on the ipad gamers can get the full wormy experience. Controls are offered in the form of a virtual d-pad on the screen for movement, and other buttons for the various other controls. It all works very nicely.

worms 3 review 4

Easily the best Worms game so far on a mobile device, Worms 3 brings stunning graphics and humour across a massive selection of mobile friendly modes. It is not a massive leap forward in the evolution of Worms, but the strategic turn-based warfare feels comfortable on iOS, allowing players to catapult their Worms to victory while on the move.



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