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Worms Clan Wars

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 30 - 2013

War – what is it good for? Well, it is good for Worms and has been pretty handy for Team17 over the years.

For Team17, Worms are their bread and butter. Sure, the developers have released other game titles, but it is the Worms games that they really are known for, and it is the constant release of new titles in the Worms series that surely carries them forward. Worms have been part of my PC experience from the very start, with the first Worms game being one of the first games I bought, and even now, so many years later, I find myself playing a Worms game – Worms Clan Wars.


With so many entries in the series over the years, the basic Worms formula has been done to death. Each new entry offers some new tweak, a new game mode, a new idea, or at the very least some new weapons to use against the opposing team. But it really is amazing how little the game has changed, with the core gameplay being almost identical.

Worms Clan Wars doesn’t offer anything drastically different for players, which will likely result in a sigh of relief from veteran gamers. The emphasis in this latest installment of the game is more about building a community and giving clan support to raise interest amongst the eSport crowd. But this by no means counts the game out for those gamers who prefer the life of solitude, and maybe Worms Clan Wars is the game to bring those gamers out of their caves and encourage them to play with others.

For the single player, Worms Clan Wars brings Worms Ops providing some quick, limited missions to whet the players appetite and allow for some practice with certain weapons. It also brings the essential Versus mode so that the player can get some practice against the halfway decent AI, maybe in preparation for playing against real people. But the real star of the single player game is the story.

Being guided by the Lara Croft-stlye Tara Pinkleton, the player is charged with obtaining the mythical Stone Carrot across five themed worlds set in a museum. The gameplay is as you would expect, the levels are entertaining and provide variety, and the story is certainly entertaining. But what makes the story stand out is that it has been scripted by Dean wilkinson and the voice of Tara Pinkleton is provided by none other than Katherine Parkinson, Jen from The IT Crowd. The result is a hilarious ride with plenty of laugh out loud moments, that entertains from start to finish.


But let’s face it, Worms games have never been about the story. It’s all about the multiplayer game and the crazy weapons that the players get to use. Besides the favorite methods of mass wormy destruction that players have come to know and love over the years (Holy Hand Grenade, anyone?) new additions include the likes of the Teleport Gun, which allows players to move their worms around the map with relative ease, and the poison-filled Whoopsie Cushion. It is perhaps not the strongest addition of new and strange weapons in a Worms game, but there is plenty to keep players happy.

Worms Revolution introduced classes for the players’ wormy team, and they have returned in Clan Wars. Soldier, Scout, Heavy and Scientist all bring different skills to the team, such as the faster movement of the Scout or the healing powers of the Scientist, and add another level of strategy to the game. Customisation is also readily available with the player being able to truly make the team their own. Also coming over from Worms Revolution are the physics objects, which bring new elements to the levels. A newly added day and night cycle doesn’t offer any changes to the gameplay, but it doesn’t detract in any way, so it is welcome.

The multiplayer game has the nicely polished multiplayer modes that would be expected, along with teh shiny new Clan Wars section that is the main goal of this release. Clan Wars brings everything a player, or a group of players, could ever possibly want to create and run a clan in the Worms game, complete with yet more customisation options, ways to communicate and rankings. It all makes sense and will prove to be an essential addition for the more hardcore Worms players.

There is also the integration of Steam Workshop in Worms Clan Wars, which certainly ensures that there will be plenty of additional community created content available in the future, and players with a creative side will be able to express their wormy sides with relative ease. Another great addition that makes Clan Wars a title for all Worms fans.


With all of the new additions that don’t take anything away from the already great core game, and the inclusion of previous features that worked well, Worms Clan Wars is the best PC version of Worms available at the moment. An essential buy for Worms fans.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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