Disney Infinity Lone Ranger Playset Pack

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 2 - 2013

Hi Ho Silver!

If you’ve enjoyed Disney Infinity and wanted to extend the experience of this video game, you might want to invest in the additional playsets available from Disney. There are only two available at the moment and we choose to pick up The Lone Ranger playset, which includes figures for the Native American warrior Tonto and masked hero ‘The Lone Ranger’. These two mighty heroes take to the Wild West, where the lawless no-good Cavendish gang are intimidating the citizens of Colby town. It’s time to set off and serve up justice.


The additional Disney Infinity Playsets will set the buyer back around £35. For the asking price, players will get two figures themed for the set and a playset piece. Being that the two figures are from the same theme, players will be able to enjoy playing in the playset with a friend through co-op straight away, without the need to buy additional figures.

The Wild West is where the two heroes set off on their journey, an open world environment filled with huge canyons, old railways tracks, a railroad camp and Red’s traveling entertainment establishments. This game allows you to deliver justice in a variety of forms, from the Lone Ranger using his six shooter gun to target enemies, to Tonto throwing his Tomahawk to boomerang his way through multiple enemies all at one time.


The Cavendish gang make their presence known in the town of Colby by doing a number of things to aggravate and annoy the citizens, such as trying to blow up buildings or stealing jewels. The Wild West is a large area to explore, but with the help of Silver, the Lone Ranger’s mystical white stallion and Tonto’s loyal and trusted horse Scout, it makes the exploration more enjoyable as you saddle up and ride away along the dusty canyon outback, in search of bringing the Cavendish gang to justice.

Throughout the game, you’ll be tasked with a number of objectives from rounding up Cavendish prisoners to returning a necklace the Cavendish gang have stolen from a local female citizen. Along the way, you’ll need to repair buildings that the Cavendish gang have destroyed, find a golden skunk, locate dynamite that has been left on Colby buildings in a timed period and extinguish buildings on fire. The fun doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also be required to build railway tracks and customize a train along the way and this will help you to transport everything from water to cattle to certain locations within the Wild West.


Riding around on horseback is fun and feels a little bit like a toy version of Red Dead Redemption, and you’ll even have the opportunity to ride around on an elephant. Strange I know, but highly enjoyable and amusing at the same time. In the Toy Store, you can find a number of interesting objects which will have to be purchased to progress in the story, such as the Gatling gun, which needs to be mounted on the back on the train to shoot a selection of targets. The Toy Store gives you a nice selection of varied coloured horses to purchase, different types of carriage for the train and even new objects to use, such as the TNT pack or a feathered contraption for getting to high places.

Within the game, you need to rebuild train tracks to enable you to cross certain areas of the environment and open up new areas. It’s incredible fun, riding on horseback with your gun loaded, shooting at the Cavendish gang. The pace of this playset is similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean playset from the starter pack, and is probably my second favorite so far. The playset combines third-person shooter mechanics with the leisurely feel of cruising around the wild west on horseback.


As with the other playsets, you’ll have a selection of blue, red and green capsules to collect, which give you brief tutorials or additional toys and environments to use in Toy Box mode. This further expands the game as a whole as creative types will be able to make their own wild west themed levels, or bring wild west items into other Disney worlds.


I’ve really enjoyed the environment of the Wild West with its old abandoned buildings hidden amongst the canyons, begging to be explored. Add the fact that there are horses to ride, a train to customize, new areas to unlock and bad guys to bring to justice, and you have an enjoyable experience that will last a fair while. There is a lot of content included in this playset and, when you take into account the cost of individual figures, £35 seems like a pretty good deal to me.

You don’t have to be a Lone Ranger fan, or even to have seen the movie, to appreciate the amount of extra content that The Lone Ranger playset brings to Disney Infinity. Pick it up to extend your Disney Infinity experience.



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Set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 15th.


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