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NinjaBee Bring Ninja Squirrel To Windows 8

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 11 - 2013

Nutjitsu, NinjaBee’s latest title, is now available on Windows 8 and promises feudal grand theft acorn.

Enter the squirrel! Defy the kitsune samurai who have stolen your clan’s sacred acorns. Sneak through beautifully hand-painted landscapes, avoid capture by the guards, and snatch victory (and acorns) from your enemies. Steal back precious acorns across unique levels as you dodge an ever-increasing number of villainous foxes. The vigilant foxes can track your silent steps by scent. Keep ahead of them or disappear in a cloud of smoke. Grab as many mystical treasures as you can before disappearing into the night. Master the way of Nutjitsu!


“Bringing Nutjitsu to Windows 8 is just the first step,” said Brent Fox, art director at NinjaBee. “Every major mobile platform will fear the ninja squirrel.”

Nutjitsu is not NinjaBee’s first foray onto the Win 8 platform. Their popular XBLA title A World of Keflings has already made the transition to the app store, allowing a whole new audience to experience the magic that made Keflings a hit on the Xbox 360. NinjaBee plans to bring Nutjitsu to Android and iOS in future updates, as well as adding additional gameplay content and features.

“Nutjitsu is more than just a fun game pitting ancient enemies against one another in an anthropomorphized feudal Japanese setting,” Fox said. “It is part of a creative renaissance here at NinjaBee. We are going in bold new directions.”

Fans concerned that NinjaBee is abandoning consoles for the bright lure of the mobile space needn’t worry. While gamers should expect surprising new experiences from a studio traditionally known for wacky XBLA titles, NinjaBee won’t abandon their loyal fans or the lighthearted style that has become a NinjaBee staple.








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