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Tetris Costumes Used Despicably In London Bar

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 26 - 2013

The idea of pop-up Tetromino fancy dress costumes is great, and the ones by the Morph Costume Co. are brilliant, but shame on the office workers linking their costumes together to reserve space at the bar. Better get the full story…


New costumes licensed by the classic Tetris video game and designed by Morph Costume Co. have been barred from a London nightspot due to local office workers donning the costumes to reserve space in areas that have previously been un-bookable. Similarly to the classic arcade game, the blocks slot together, with five different varieties available at the Morph Costume Co. website.

Loetitia Hunt, spokesperson at The Artisan of Clerkenwell commented:
“We noticed a few weeks ago a group of office workers dressed as giant Tetris blocks, and we thought it was a funny one-off. They certainly attracted a lot of attention. However, we have now seen them repeatedly coming into the bar straight after work and slotting themselves together until more of their friends arrive to occupy the space.”

“The costumes are obviously hilarious, and we were impressed by the office worker’s innovative use of the blocks to reserve bar space, but to ensure everyone can enjoy the whole bar, we wanted to call time on the punters bringing them in every day,” she added.

The new range of official ‘pop up’ Tetris costumes take less than 30 seconds to prepare and provide a light and durable outfit that ‘is guaranteed to make you the life of the party’ according to Morph Costume Co. – the same group of people that introduced the iconic full-body spandex Morphsuit.

Sara McCraight, brand manager at Morph Costume Co. commented:
“Tetris is an iconic game that has a place in most people’s hearts and the range has easily been one of the most popular we’ve had. It’s a shame the bar has taken these measures to block out the costumes, but it’s also interesting to see how inventive people have been with them.”

“Aside from the benefits of reserving space at the bar, it’s clear these guys were having a lot of fun, so maybe they should check out our other costumes and see if there are any other cheeky applications to make life easier,” she added.

The new lightweight costumes are made with pop-up technology, meaning they fold down into a convenient carry bag, and instantly pop up into their full shape when opened. The costume comes in five varieties, matching the Tetris blocks (or Tetrominoes, as they are officially known to Tetris game fans) and are available here, at £39.95 each, with £5 off each costume when you buy the full set.

The idea for the costumes came from Morph Costume Co.’s popular Facebook community, where fans post images of costumes and parties, often customising outfits or designing their own. The popularity of homemade Tetris outfits is what convinced the company to seek out an official license to produce higher quality, lightweight and durable versions.

Sara McCraight added:
“They may have been barred from this bar, but the Tetris costumes will become a familiar sight at all parties, festivals and, of course, Halloween events. Fancy dress is becoming a much bigger phenomenon in the UK and costumes like this are making it easier than ever to be life of the party.”




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