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Actual Crimes: Jack The Ripper

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BioShock Infinite – City In The Sky

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Hexodius On Xbox Live Arcade

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 17 - 2013

Brain Slap Studios and Namco Bandai’s arena shooter is now on Xbox Live Arcade.


Hexodius invites players to explore an immense facility, equip their drone with powerful items and upgrades, and ultimately escape the clutches of the deadly enemy droids in a blaze of laser fire. Developed by Brain Slap Studios and published by Namco Bandai Games Europe, Hexodius throws players into the heat of the blaster battle as they conquer multiple game modes and explore six varied worlds, each with a multitude of challenging arenas. The goal is to reach the exit of the Hexodius complex unharmed, but the droids are on the hunt and there’s nowhere to seek for rest.

Players will explore the entire Hexodius complex with its variety of tricky and surprising gameplay mechanics designed to unseat all but the swiftest and most level-headed drone warriors. Master all the difficulty settings, conquer the story mode, smash the mighty bosses, and then aim for the top of the online leaderboards where the real action is. Are you ready to engage?

“By crafting this game, we wanted to recreate the magic atmosphere we all experienced when playing arcade shooter games”, said Pascal Biren from BrainSlap Studio. “We wanted to deliver a fast-paced action game with simple pick-up controls and mechanics that will offer players a huge amount of fun!

Hexodius is available today for download via Xbox Live Arcade priced at £6.75. Hexodius is also available for PC via Steam.


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