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Journey of a Roach Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 21 - 2013

Cockroaches will survive a nuclear holocaust. But who knew it would make them sarcastic…

Daedalic Entertainment’s upcoming 3D point and click adventure game Journey of a Roach, developed by Koboldgames, tells the story of two rather comedic and sometimes sarcastic Cockroaches, Jim and Bud. These two delightful characters find themselves the survivors of a nuclear holocaust. Curious and alone in a barren wasteland, they make their way to the surface to see what remains of their desolate world.

journey of a roach 1

When you initially think of Cockroaches, sweetness and cuteness are perhaps the furthest thing from your mind, but Daedalic have created two characters that you’ll come to know and love in this epic journey. These two aren’t the smartest of insects and find themselves in some rather strange predicaments. They will need to keep their wits about them if they are to avoid falling foul to the precarious situations that are heading their way.

The WASD buttons are used to control the cockroaches as they explore their environment with a side view. The camera follows the cockroach as it moves up and around all of the surfaces. It’s quite an extraordinary experience, because when you first start the game, you may not realize that the cockroach will be able to maneuver to this degree. The cockroach can crawl around floors, walls and ceilings, and back and forth through the background environment.

journey of a roach 8

Jim and Bud have their own language when they communicate with one another. It’s weird and makes no sense, but will make you smile and tilt your head in a strange way. These are no vocally challenged insects, because if they want to convey a conversation, it’s done with a strange and funny tone. Their thoughts and feelings about situations are depicted through thought and speech bubbles. These bubbles will express their emotions, but will also give you an indication of the next piece of puzzle you might need to solve. This is a point and click adventure, so puzzles are to be expected. At times it’s quite obvious what Jim and Bud need to do in order to accomplish an objective, but other times you may find yourself left pondering for a while.

Journey of a Roach has a simple inventory, where you can press I on your keyboard to bring up a slot system. These slots are used for various objects you can interact with and collect within the environment. Within the game, certain areas will indicate if an object is obtainable by a black grasping hand. Once the object is selected, it just pops into your inventory slot. Some objects within the inventory can be combined with each other, while other items will need to be utilized or placed in the environment. A small jigsaw icon appears if you have the correct combination, enabling you to progress with the puzzling scenario.

The thirty minute preview enabled me to explore my surroundings, which involved moving in and out of a ventilation shaft and interacting with the various wacky characters available. The environment is filled with pipes spilling out waste, rooms covered in spiderwebs and a dead fish that spews out bones. It’s a strange situation that these two insects find themselves in and a dangerous one too.

journey of a roach 4

Around every corner, there will be situations where you’ll have to solve a puzzle to get through hazardous conditions, hoping you both survive. In one area, poor Bud had managed to find himself caught up in a spiderweb and you have to free him, without him falling down a vent. Another time you are faced with a strange lady, an ironing board and a bag of bugs, but I’ll let you think about that situation for a moment, without spoiling it for you.

Graphically, Journey of a Roach is a lovely looking game, and it oozes charm, which is not something that any other situation with cockroaches in is likely to do. The game enables you to engage with these troublesome bugs as you solve puzzles and enjoy the humor. You kind of feel sorry for Jim and Bud, covered in their plasters and bandaged arms, with their sad bulging red and green eyes, always getting stuck in some sticky situations. But with great power comes great responsibility and these awesome cockroaches will rely on you to get them out of mischief and escape into the great blue yonder.

Journey of a Roach is due to crawl its way onto PC and Mac in November. Be sure to keep your eyes open and hide the bug spray.

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