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Putty Squad: Preview PS4

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 21 - 2013

Crossing our fingers for the long awaited return of the blue blob.

Putty Squad, coming to the PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, PSP, 3DS and Xbox 360 from System3 Software, is a completely revamped and modern platforming game, that originated from the old school days of SNES back in 1994. Nineteen years on and the colourful blue character is back to captivate audiences once again, but this time round with a set of new features and enhanced graphics to set it aside from the original title. Luckily I had the pleasure of experiencing the game on PS4, PS Vita and 3DS.


Putty Squad has been modernized for hand-helds and the next generations consoles while maintaining the blue blob bouncing and evolving gameplay. Putty Squad has the retro feel that many gamers will remember from way back when, and our hero is happy to bounce and wheel his way around the screen, expanding across platforms and climbing up ladders.

On the PlayStation 4, Putty Squad is simple to control, using the left stick to move the blue blob and rescue the red putties by absorbing them. Pressing the X button will allow Putty to reach higher levels, and holding the button down will allow the player to reach even higher. Using the triangle button you can inflate your blue putty, enabling him to transform into a balloon shape and ascend up to higher and out of reach areas. To deflate him is simple, by  pulling down on the left stick, he will deflate, thus enabling him to continue his journey in his previous form.


Your blue putty will also have the ability to punch crates that are scattered around the environment by using the left and right buffers. These crates will provide ammunition or items of value. Even food can be absorbed, which can be found throughout the levels, for replenishing energy.

One way of destroying your on-screen enemies would be to absorb a nitro bomb. You can then use this to destroy various bunkers with a simple tap of the circle button.There are plenty of different items to absorb for different effects, such as the green cheese which will teleport your blob to a different location, and along the way you can collect gold stars to increase your firepower. Obtain a star and it adds to the column on the left. Once filled, you can upgrade to the next weapon.


To aid with finding your way around the map, a simple tap on the L2 button enables you to enter map mode, providing a zoomed out view of the environment. There are a variety of enemies scattered around the world of Putty Squad. Some of these enemies will offer a helping hand once defeated, such as Dwezzil who you can knock over and then use his belly to bounce to higher platforms.
While you may find yourself distracted by dancing forks with sausages on them, or jumping back and forth from mushrooms, eventually you may find yourself traveling in the putty pod.  This black and yellow pod zips along the screen while dropping bombs on the unsuspecting enemies below.

Moving around in Putty Squad is easy as you stretch to move up and down ladders, collecting stars and stickers. Yes, the brand new Putty Squad allows you to collect virtual stickers. Collect enough of these wonderful stickers and you’ll be able to grab yourself some free downloadable content. The player can check on their sticker collection in the sticker book.

For those who find the Putty adventures a little on the easy side, there is a challenge mode which enables you to play the levels with various objectives. For instance, you have to complete the level, collect all the stars, kill all the opponents, eat no food and not lose a life. Would that be challenging enough? Sticking with negotiating the levels and working through the puzzle elements may be challenge enough…


Playing Putty Squad on the PlayStation 4 was an enjoyable experience, but it was on the Vita that the game really looked impressive. On the stunning Vita screen, the game absolutely shines. There was no word if any of the previously announced Vita features would still be making their way onto this latest version of the game, but it plays brilliantly anyway.

Putty Squad has changed a lot from the original nineties release, with enhanced graphics, immersive gameplay and a myriad of new weapons and features for the player to explore. The game will pack in a lot of content, and System3 promise that new levels will be added for an extended experience. Putty Squad is certainly a game to watch out for with the launch of the PlayStation 4 in November. Who knew being a blue blob of putty could be so much fun?

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