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The Raven: Legacy Of A Master Thief – Chapter 3

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 2 - 2013


As is always the way with episodic videogames, the end now beckons. KING Art’s The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief draws to a close with this final episode, A Murder of Ravens, and all of those niggling questions that have been formed throughout the previous two chapters will be answered to the satisfaction of all. Once this episode is finished, players will be able to continue with their lives in a Raven-free way.


Or that is how things are supposed to go. In an ideal world, players would work their way through the introductory first episode, which sets the picture. The second episode will primarily be filler, but finish with the promise of epic revelations in the third and final episode.

The reality of The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief doesn’t quite measure up. The first episode in this Agatha Christie styled point and click adventure did an excellent job of setting the scene and introducing a cast of interesting characters, including the brilliant Constable Zellner, who I wouldn’t mind seeing again in another game. The second episode did a good job of keeping the player interested, as it changed to another perspective part way through and had the player starting the story again with a different view of the events. However, it really didn’t do much for the story, with many of the events already having been played through.

And it is from this different perspective that the player begins the third chapter. Being that this final chapter will only last around three hours, and is very light on puzzles, I find myself confused as to the way the episodes have been split up. Would it not have been better to have the Zellner section, bearing in mind that Zellner is not even playable in this final chapter, as the first episode, and the remaining story making up the second? Maybe two chapters would not have been as attractive as three to KING Art, but it would have made more sense to me.


Being unable to play as Zellner in this final chapter is a shame, as he is easily the most interesting character in the whole story. Still, that is not to say that A Murder of Ravens is without interesting characters. The revelations come in this final chapter, and many of them involve the secondary characters. It is difficult to describe the story without giving away spoilers, but it is safe to say that the main storyline across the entire game is concluded in a satisfying, if slightly rushed way. Given the investment in time across the other two chapters, the only real option for the player is to ride the story through to the end, which will make it a worthwhile journey.

Unfortunately, the glitches found in the previous two chapters return here, with even more enthusiasm. floating characters, disappearing objects and invisible walls seem to be even more common this time around. A couple of times things even ground to a halt due to glitches and the game had to be restarted, which is a real shame in the final chapter. People will want to go away with good memories of the story, not bad memories of the glitches. However annoying they may be though, none of them were serious enough to stop play.


October 24th will see all three chapters being released in boxed form, and I think this will be the best way to experience this interesting story. Individually, neither chapter two or the concluding chapter three could measure up to the brilliant first chapter. But taken as a whole, The Raven is a really entertaining, laid back story. A Murder of Ravens may not contain the shock revelations or surprises that were hoped for, but it comfortably concludes the story and is an essential play for those who have the previous two chapters.




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