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The Sims 3: Into The Future Expansion Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 4 - 2013

A futuristic sim tale is waiting to be told.

The Sims 3: Into the Future, the eleventh expansion for the hugely popular The Sims 3 game, transports your sims into cutting-edge environments with a futuristic theme. The new technologically advanced world of Oasis Landing will have your sims exploring a neighborhood filled with some delightful and charming characters.

the sims 3 into the future 1

On your arrival in your new world, once you’ve purchased and settled into your new home, you’re welcomed by Emit Relevart, a charming time traveller sporting shades and a long coat. Emit has accidentally crashed landed in the neighborhood and requires your assistance to repair the time portal that just so happens to be in pieces. Emit requires you to collect five power cells that have been scattered around the environment. Once you’ve helped him, it’s your chance to try out the time portal and select your destination.

the sims 3 into the future 2

The time traveller has chosen to bestow the Almanac of time to you and this is shared between all members of your active household. From within the events tab, you can read about and trigger the alternate future opportunities to make Oasis Landing more Dystopian or Utopian, or you can just leave it in its normal futuristic state.

the sims 3 into the future 8

Later on in the game, you can also assist Emit with research to advance further in the game. The new futuristic expansion is a fun-filled environment where you can choose to travel around each area via hovercraft, jet-pack or cruise around in the futuristic taxis or other advanced modes of transport. The Windcarver enables you to quickly travel through your neighborhood and you can use it instead of walking. Experimenting with the jet-pack will have your sim flying around the surrounding area, but not without crash-landing and having a bumpy ride along the way. No-one ever said navigating with a jet-pack was going to be easy, so don’t be surprised if your sim finds themselves hurtling head first into the ground.

the sims 3 into the future 5

Once you’ve settled into your new technologically advanced environment, it’s a great time to explore all the wondrous new gadgets and gizmos available to your sim. Sims can take delight and comfort in knowing they can sleep soundly in a egg-shaped cocoon called the ‘Dream pod’. The dream pod changes sims lives by providing the ability to dream with lasting effects from the dream after a sim wakes. The Dream Pod can be utilized like a normal bed for sleeping and relaxing, but the greatest effects come from dreaming. A menu is available showcasing the variety of themes your sim can dream about. As your sim advances through the game, more dreams become available. You can also actively influence the dream to be a good dream, neutral dream or bad dream. The Dream Pod can also be shared, which I didn’t actually realize until I found Emit the time traveller spooning with me in the pod.

the sims 3 into the future 4

Your new environment has a wonderfully advanced feel about it, with transparent elevators to whisk you from the top to the bottom of your abode, to touch screen displays and holographic televisions to keep your entertained. If your sim is feeling a little dirty, you can hop into the new shower for a quick cleanse, in which you are sprayed with a strange vapor.

the sims 3 into the future 3

Once you’ve played with the multiple gadgets in your home, you can look around the environment in awe. As you explore, watching hoverboards speed past you, and sims on scooters, you’ll become aware of the plumbots in the area. Visit Nuts n’ Bolts Bot Emporium, a bot workshop, to purchase and create your very own plumbot for 300 simoleons. Like sims, plumbots have various needs from battery power, maintenance, social and fun. Plumbots can syphon power from various power points in the game and they can also self-tune themselves. Plumbots have trait slots available, so you can swap and unlock traits, and improve their condition or quality of life. Looking at the available traits, you can select from such as competent cleaner, musical machine, or limitless learning to name a few.

Sims can also instruct plumbots to entertain, explain functions and power down. Sims can explore the modern arcology bot arena, where you can join the bot arena career, attend a bot building class or tour the plumbot competition arena. Plumbots are just as accident prone as sims and they can die. Plumbot competitions are a staple of Oasis Landing entertainment. Plumbots can begin entering competitions at beginner levels without any trait chips being installed. Competition rewards include cash prizes and trophies. When your plumbot is competing, you are the one that sets the pace. You need to modify the pace throughout a competition to give your plumbot a break or extra boost. Playing it safe grants the highest success chance, smallest bonus chance and no penalty chance. Competing at high levels such as Advanced or International requires the Limitless Learning Trait Chip as well as a certain amount of skill based on the type of competition. Battlebot competitions require Athletic Skill, Bot Building and EmotiBotting competitions require charisma.

the sims 3 into the future 7

Plumbots increase their chances of winning by making sure their needs are high and using the appropriate trait chips. For example, the efficient trait chip gives plumbots a bonus to all types of competitions, while simulated emotions will benefit plumbots in an EmotiBotting competition, Professional tune-ups also give you a little extra kick.

Exploring the futuristic world, you can jump on the monorail to get to your destination, and travel to the Mercury Stellar Observatory to attend a planetarium show or experiment with Zero-G, or explore the various far out vicinities such as the wasteland mining and residential stations. If you go far out in the vast and abandoned environment, you’ll be able to discover and investigate a crash site far out of reach from the prying eyes of local sims.

the sims 3 into the future 6

On your travels, you can interact with crystal glowing green plants, by harvesting them or charging them with rage, laughter, love and kindness. Crawling on the ground, you might find some strange and odd looking bugs such as nanites or tribble caustic bugs, that could be rare and valuable or maybe just good enough to eat.

The Into The Future Expansion brings with it a vast world, buzzing with energy, filled with beautiful landscapes and stunning architectural buildings. The rooms are transparent, filled with loads of gadgets, touch screen interfaces, and sliding doors to welcome you in. No need to worry about travelling back to your own time, because time is paused while you’re away, so you can relish in the comforts of what the future brings to you.

the sims 3 into the future 9

I love the fact that this new expansion really goes into some graphical detail, such as the SimCity poster in this photo.

I’ve really enjoyed playing The Sims 3: Into The Future expansion, because of the chance to jump forward into the future and have your sims messing around with all manner of time travel oddities, futuristic tech and plumbots. The Sims 3: Into The Future expansion will allow players to make very different stories with their sims. Fortunately sims fans will not have to wait until too far into the future for the expansion to become available, as it will be in stores on October 25th.

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  2. The Sims 3: Into The Future Expansion Preview &... Said,

    […] "The Sims 3: Into the Future, the eleventh expansion for the hugely popular The Sims 3 game, transports your sims into cutting-edge environments with a futuristic theme. The new technologically advanced world of Oasis Landing will have your sims exploring a neighborhood filled with some delightful and charming characters."  […]

    Posted on October 5th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

  3. sammy2428 Said,

    It actually comes out on the 22nd 24th and 25th of October for different parts of the world.

    Posted on October 5th, 2013 at 7:31 pm

  4. GirlGamerUK: Into The Future Preview | BeyondSims Said,

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  5. GG Goblin Said,

    That’s true 🙂 We just defaulted to the UK store date. The expansion will be available in the US on October 22nd and across Europe on October 24th 🙂

    Posted on October 7th, 2013 at 10:09 am

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