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Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 19 - 2013

Physics-based puzzles on the Vita that just oozes cuteness.

Furmins is a physics-based puzzle game, originally developed by Housemarque, for PlayStation Vita. Furmins has already made an appearance on iOS, but this is the first time for the Sony hand-held. What’s not to love about this incredibly adorable title?

furmins review 2

In Furmins, your objective is to guide these wide eyed fluffy beings through a selection of obstacles by rearranging a number of objects and using gravity to carefully guide your Furmins to their basket, a place of safety.

Glowing objects can be moved around in each level and these need to be set up so that the Furmin can, once the level is activated, end up in its basket. Pressing the green arrow button will play out the level and gravity will start the Furmin moving.

furmins review 3

The player can move around the objects using the touchscreen, arranging them so that the Furmins can reach their goal. Things like platforms, which can rebound the Furmin in a given direction, and trampolines, which bounce the Furmin into the air, all need to be set up perfectly to get the Furmin to the basket.

Each level is rewarded with three stars, one for simply completing it, one for completing it within a given time, and one for collecting all of the red and white candy sweets in the level. The time limit star is perhaps the most difficult to achieve, with some of the time limits being incredibly tight and forcing the player to try and shave milliseconds off their time by carefully adjusting the placement of the items. Collecting stars is not only very rewarding, but also gives you the chance to unlock new worlds filled with additional levels.

The good thing is that collecting all three elusive stars need not be done in a single play through of the level. The player can go back to any level that they have already played and try to get the stars they are missing. Sometimes it is easier to play through for speed and forget the sweets, other times completing the level will just have to be enough. Also, restarting the level when things are obviously not working out, such as your Furmin getting stuck or falling down a hole, is seamless and easy to do.


The puzzles get more and more difficult as the player progresses, with new mechanics being introduced along the way to keep things fresh and interesting. What starts as simply guiding a falling Furmin to the basket will soon change into the Furmin zipping through pipes, flying through the air and even waiting for ice blocks to melt. There is a lot of trial and error in the game, but players need not guess about new mechanics as they are explained when they are introduced.

Visually, the game is absolutely stunning on the Vita, with plenty of detail and a nice level of polish. Furmins is bright, vibrant and has an upbeat feeling that just oozes quality. It is a great experience that fits perfectly with the mobile feeling of the Sony handheld as it is great for both quick hit gaming and extended sessions. It also manages to include that addictive, “one more go” feeling, making it difficult to put down.


Furmins is an enjoyable experience on the Vita. It has the feel good factor that will leave you with a smile on your face. The gameplay may be a bit repetitive at times, but if additional levels are offered down the line, I can see players going back to this game for a long time to come. Furmins is great value for money and incredibly cute, making it a worthwhile addition to your Vita library.



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