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HALO Modded Xbox 360

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Moons Of Madness For PC On October 22nd

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Tomb Raider At E3

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The Sims 3: Into the Future

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 12 - 2013

Sims going “back to the future”.

The Sims 3: Into the Future expansion offers a refreshing new content to the Sims game. Over the years, we’ve allowed our Sims to enjoy everything from enrolling in University life to rescuing Sims from the treacherous waters in Paradise Island.

the sims 3 into the future 1

It’s safe to assume that most of the Sims experiences have been extremely enjoyable and a pleasure to play. So, as we look to the future and prepare ourselves for The Sims 4, we have one more experience to share with our Sims, an experience that also happens to be looking to the future.

With the Into The Future Expansion, players are able to travel through time with their Sim and explore a technologically advanced world. Players will first make the acquaintance of Emit Relevart, a time traveller dressed somewhat traditionally in a long coat and shades. After collecting a selection of power cells and repairing a time portal, it’s time to do some time travelling of your own and visiting the new neighbourhood of Oasis Landing.

the sims 3 into the future 7

Oasis Landing has all the comforts that you would expect from a super advanced techie world. Expect to be in your comfort zone for a long time to come. You can choose to travel in one of the futuristic hovering taxis available, or simply retrieve your own jet-pack and get to your destination even quicker. There’s a nice selection of transport available and it’s enjoyable discovering all the new gadgets available to you. However, using the jet-pack requires a little practice, and therefore be pre-warned that you may go face first into the ground on your first attempt.

Moving around the futuristic environment, it is easy to become distracted by so many wonderful gadgets and gizmos laid out for you to explore. Everything is high-tech, from transparent tubes of transport, touch screen and holographic displays and televisions, to even resting in the luxury dream pod. The Dream pod gives your Sims special lasting effects, enabling them to enjoy life to a greater extent. Two people can fit inside the dream pod, so prepare to be fully cocooned.


Once you’ve made yourself at home, take a pleasant stride around the neighbourhood. You’ll soon become aware of whizzing hoverboards, flying scooters and the strange Plumbots. These robots can entertain you or be of service to you, depending on how you wish to use them. However, Plumbots will need power to keep their skills and services intact. The Plumbots can also gain various traits to help and improve their overall quality of life and you can even enter them into a Plumbot competition if you fancy it.

This new futuristic environment is a lot of fun and really easy to get into. Stepping onto the monorail enables you to zip around to other areas of interest with ease, places like the local observatory, where you can enjoy some mindless fun with Zero-G or build yourself a career in the field, or an abandoned crash site. The Into The Future expansion enables Sims to enjoy every element of a technically advanced environment with plenty to keep them entertained.

But there could be a dark side to the future, or an even more rosy side. Through events triggered by the time traveller, the player can change the future and transform Oasis Landing into a glorious Utopia, or a frankly scary Dystopia. These alternative futures offer very different experiences for the time traveling Sim, each with their merits and hazards.

the sims 3 into the future 8

The player can also find their descendents in the future, and their quality of life will be directly affected by how well the Sim is doing in the present day. Increasing a family income, getting married, having children and even inviting someone to live with the Sim will all have an affect on how affluent and numerous these descendents are, and can be changed as the player continues with their present day game. As with other traveling, the Sims normal life is put on hold while they explore the future. The future is expensive, so living there will be limited to only the most financially prosperous Sims, but nipping back to earn some more Simoleons is no problem.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience of this new expansion, it really does offer something quite different to the past expansions. There is so much to do, from building Plumbots to discovering new technology and gadgets that you are not always sure what the effects will be for your Sim, which can be quite funny at times. There are new careers and employment to enjoy, new and mysterious environments, and it is always interesting to see how the present actions affect the future.

The Sims 3 Into The Future Expansion is one of the best expansions I’ve played, adding some memorable experiences for my Sims. This is the final expansion for The Sims 3, but will keep players giggling and our Sims entertained as we begin the long wait for The Sims 4.



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