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Dead Rising 3

Posted by FuryAc3 On December - 16 - 2013

Dead cool…

This week at GGUK we are going to review one of the launch titles for the next gen, one that fans have been dying to play. The game we are reviewing is none other than Dead Rising 3 which is developed by Capcom Vancouver and is an exclusive on the Xbox One. So will it be a true survivor or a rotting corpse?


Dead Rising 3 is set 10 years after the events of Dead Rising 2 and the events in Fortune City. The player fills the boots of a young mechanic called Nick Ramos who is a mix of Dead Rising 1’s Frank West and 2’s Chuck Greene. He does have his moments, but overall is not as strong as past main characters, or as annoying as Chuck which is a huge plus. The game takes place in the fictional city of Los Perdidos which is in California.

The game kicks off with Nick on the outskirts of the city heading towards a quarantine area looking for supplies to help him and his fellow survivors before an impending military strike wipes the doomed city out. While searching the quarantine area, Nick unleashes a huge horde of zombies and has to fight his way back to the freeway.

Only to find once he gets to the freeway that a huge airliner is about to crash right in front of him. So with a lack of options Nick jumps off the freeway in the hope that he will survive the madness going on around him. When Nick comes to, he finds himself having to fight through a freeway full of zombies and at the same time having to avoid the flaming wreckage of the crashed airliner, to get back to a diner where his friends are taking refuge.


From here the story mode really begins and sees Nick having to fight to stay alive all the time while also trying to help his friend escape the doomed city, as well as trying to discover why the events that have unfolded in Los Perdidos are happening.

Dead Rising 3’s gameplay follows in the footsteps of past installments of the franchise, in that it is a third person open world game. The open world sandbox is bigger than both the mall from Dead Rising and Fortune City from Dead Rising 2 both combined. The other thing fans of the series will notice is the amount of zombies on screen compared to the past games. Capcom Vancouver have said that with the power of the Xbox One they can render 3 times as many enemies on screen when compared to last gen.

A major pain and thing that put a lot of players off the first two games was the time limits that were put on missions and side missions. Thankfully Capcom Vancouver have removed them from the game – well they are sort of still there, but players have a huge amount of time to complete them, so at no point while playing the game did I feel anywhere near the pressure I did in the first game to rush around trying to do everything and failing. On top of this they have also added a new save system which allows you to save anywhere anytime, instead of having to find a toilet to save. There is a nice Easter Egg in the game that if you see a toilet you can still save it there, though it’s not necessary. However, there is a mode in the game called Nightmare Mode which is more hardcore and harks back to the more traditional Dead Rising gameplay style for diehard fans.


As for combat in the game, the main focus is on combo weapons like those seen in Dead Rising 2, but improved tenfold. Now instead of needing to find a work bench to make a combo weapon, you can make them on the fly anywhere you are as long as you have the parts. As for combo weapons, there are over 160 blueprints to find throughout the world, ranging from the likes of Blambows to Tenderizers. Every combo you can create handles differently and most have a light and heavy attack so there is lots of room to experiment. Along with the new improved weapon combos, the game now features vehicle combos which work the same as weapons only packing 10 times the destructive power. This is a great addition to the game.

Dead Rising 3 utilises both Kinect and the new SmartGlass system. Kinect allows you to shout at zombies to distract them, but it will also pick up on any background noise in the room and can trigger the hordes to rush towards you, so it’s a bit of a double edge blade. In my time with the game I found most of the menus can be activated by Kinect, so I found my game un-pausing itself a few times when I had to answer the door, only to return and find my screen saying “you are dead”. The same can be said for playing the game and it pausing itself in the heat of battle after picking up on me talking to someone in the room. There are small issues over all, but the Kinect does add an extra layer to the gameplay.


As for SmartGlass, the app lets you locate specific ideas and abandoned shops as well as letting you set waypoints and coolest of all, call in huge airstrikes and drone support to help you clear areas of zombies.

When it comes to the graphics and sound in the game, the new hardware of the Xbox One does a great job of making the city of Los Perdidos come to life. With destroyed stores and abandoned cars littering the street, the undead horde have never looked so good, from a massive crowd to the single zombie. The game also features a haunting soundtrack that echoes the like of George A. Romero and John Carpenter classic horrors.

As for multiplayer, the game has drop in – drop out co-op, which allows a friend to take the roll of Nick’s friend Dick and will see you having hours of fun destroying wave after wave of the undead. The only issue I had with the co-op is that if a random person joins your game and just goes about their own business, as the host you have to meet up to load story missions and if they are on the other side of the map its more than likely you’ll end up kicking them. So maybe it’s best to play with friends the first time through.


Overall Dead Rising 3 hits all the marks with a fun story, great combat and enjoyable co-op. It is a great launch title for the Xbox One, showing just what the new tech can do, and with it being an exclusive it is well worth picking up for fans of the series or newcomers alike.

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