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18 New Dark Souls 2 Screenshots Show New Characters and Monsters

Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 17 - 2014

Namco Bandai have released 18 brand new screenshots from Dark Souls 2 with lots of new characters to become acquainted with from Drangleic. Namco have also provided the following information about the screens below.

Dark Souls 2 will be launching in Europe and Australasia on March 14th, 2014 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, with the PC edition to follow shortly in 2014. Take a hop, skip and jump to check out the latest screenshots.

- 3 old ladies and the Housekeeper: Milibeth.

- Emerald Herald, the mysterious lady.

- One of the few Drangleic survivors who wanders endlessly with his furniture on his back: Merchant Hag Melentia.

- A cursed lost undead blacksmith: Blacksmith Lenigrast.
- Maughlin the Armourer, a Merchant from the West.

- A cursed Knight from Mirrah: Lucatiel of Mirrah.

- An apostol called blue knight: Blue Sentinel Targray.

- The Deep Pit, a complicated 3 dimensional map.

- An Iron-Barred Gondola that will lead the player to new adventures.

- Majula, a place at the extremity of Drangleic.

- A Human Effigy, an item that could save more than one life.

dark souls 2 pic 1

dark souls 2 pic 2

dark souls 2 pic 3

dark souls 2 pic 4

dark souls 2 pic 5

dark souls 2 pic 6

dark souls 2 pic 7

dark souls 2 pic 8

dark souls 2 pic 9

dark souls 2 pic 10

dark souls 2 pic 11

dark souls 2 pic 12

dark souls 2 pic 13

dark souls 2 pic 14

dark souls 2 pic 15

dark souls 2 pic 16

dark souls 2 pic 17

dark souls 2 pic 18

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