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Posted by TurtleGirl On January - 27 - 2014

FishCow Studio and Daedalic Entertainment team together to tell the interesting point and click story of Gomo.

Gomo is a strange sack-like character whose journey begins when his canine is suddenly abducted by aliens who insist they will return his beloved companion in exchange for a strange red crystal. Determined to rescue his dog, Gomo sets out on a desperate adventure, which takes him through a series of underground mines, tunnels and barren landscapes.

gomo 1

Gomo can move through each environment, collecting objects, unzipping his mouth and inserting those items that then appear in your inventory. Gomo’s interaction with objects and switches is limited and he can only reach items that are close to him. A black directional arrow appears when Gomo can manoeuvre or connect with objects of interest when solving puzzles. For the majority of the time, the puzzles are not complex and pretty straightforward to solve as you move and unlock a series of doors, activate switches or connect a selection of pipes. The puzzles were a little predictable at times and required little effort of the brain cells to solve. For instance, Gomo was given the task of standing on a number of clouds in order to reach his next objective. This puzzle is of the traditional sliding block type, where you have to rearrange clouds and slide them out of the way to reach an exit. It isn’t really rocket science at the end of the day.

gomo 2

Gomo finds himself wandering through underground mine shafts, operating lifts and machinery, having fun on a rail cart and occasionally taking a ride on a conveyer belt in an effort to rescue his much loved dog.

There’s a good variety of puzzles to solve throughout the game, but the relative simplicity of the puzzles gives the impression that there wasn’t a great emphasis on creating mind boggling puzzles to absorb yourself into. Personally I love a puzzle which really gets the mind cogs working overtime. At the end of the day, you want puzzles that are really going to get you thinking, they don’t have to be complex, but you want something more than randomly clicking on the screen until you get the answer. Puzzles don’t need to be complicated, they just need to be fun to solve and unfortunately the puzzles in Gomo fall a bit flat in this respect. If anything, Gomo relies more on intuition and can leave you feeling a little short-changed in places. Having said that, occasionally I did find myself back-tracking on a few puzzles, thinking that there was something I missed or didn’t click on. But this felt more like trial and error than logical reasoning.

gomo 3

Aside from the puzzles, Gomo is a rather cute and intriguing title, beautifully hand-drawn in the same style as Machinarium and has a charming personality to go along with it. There are a few comedic moments thrown into the journey, where Gomo finds himself in some precarious positions. Gomo is a rather strange looking character, with long extending stick arms that have the ability to elevate him to out of reach areas, or take his spindly legs up and down the myriad of ladders. Although the background environments and hand-drawn graphics are pleasing to the eye, you’re often left feeling that some colour wouldn’t have gone a miss to add some excitement to Gomo’s new-found adventure.

gomo 4

Overall Gomo is a pleasant point and click title, filled with charm and a good variety of puzzles, if you fancy a rather short-lived game which won’t tax the brain cells. Gomo does lack substance, which can be disappointing. If you’re a casual gamer and want a quick hit of something a little bit different, then Gomo may just be up your street, however, hardcore puzzle solvers may find themselves completing this title in no much time at all.
Gomo is available on Steam for £5.99



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