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Rise Of Venice: Beyond The Sea

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 27 - 2014

Somewhere…Beyond the sea…

Okay, let’s get the confusion out of the way first. Rise of Venice, from Kalypso Media, is essentially a trading game set in the 15th century, in and around Venice. The players buys and sells stuff, traveling back and forth between various ports as they rise the ranks and create their own trading empire, all the while schmoozing and doing favours in the form of side missions for the Senate member in an attempt to “level up”. It’s a nice game, it works well and will provide hours of fun to fans of the genre.


Beyond the Sea is the latest DLC offering for Rise of Venice and this is where the confusion sets in. Calling the DLC “Beyond the Sea” may suggest that it takes the game beyond the sea, presumably onto land. Inland cities? overland trading? No sorry. In truth, the DLC should have been called “More Sea”.

So, now that we know that Beyond the Sea doesn’t provide what the title might suggest, what do you get for your hard-earned cash? Well, 50% more sea apparently.

This chunk of DLC expands the map in a western direction to Spain and Portugal. With this expansion of the map comes thirteen new cities to trade with, which obviously gives the player more options. A larger playing area is never a bad thing, but it is tainted somewhat in this DLC by the necessity to start a new game to gain access to this larger map, rather than simply integrating it into the current game. As Rise of Venice is a game that requires a substantial amount of time to be invested, especially to get the most from it, having to start again is not a positive selling point for the DLC.


Aside from the expansion of the map, Beyond the Sea also adds to the side mission tally with the Residence missions and Doge tasks. Similar to the Senate missions, these add more content but don’t really change anything in the main game.

There is also the addition of one new ship – the NAO. Made famous as the ship that Christopher Columbus took to America, it’s a nice ship with a historical flavour. A few more ships would have been appreciated.

As that is pretty much it for additional content, I am sure that you can see the main problem with Beyond the Sea DLC – price.Rise of Venice: Beyond the Sea is currently available on Steam for £14.99. That is a sizable chunk of cash for what amounts to a relatively small amount of content. All of the additions are nice and only go to improve the game, but at this price I can see many Rise of Venice players simply not bothering.


Rise of Venice: Beyond the Sea adds some more missions, a new ship and expands the map. All worthy additions, but the price will hold back the appeal. Grab it when the price comes down.




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