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Toast Time

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 27 - 2014

Save breakfast from inter-dimensional blobs.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It seems that message has managed to travel across the cosmos, gaining the attention of spare time seeking blob-like creatures. They now want to cancel breakfast by cunningly stopping the alarm clock from sounding, and it is down to TERRY the toaster to save the morning meal. I love toast, so sign me up.


Toast Time, from Force of Habit for iOS and Android, is a gloriously retro-styled arena shoot-em-up revolving around all things breakfast. Played on a single vertical screen for each level, the player will find themselves bouncing around the screen, blasting blobs and keeping them from reaching the alarm clock .

You may be thinking that a toaster is not especially agile, but this is where TERRY is slightly different from your regular bread toasting contraptions. The player quite simply taps on the screen to have TERRY launch in that direction whatever bread type object he is currently loaded with. The fun comes from the recoil this launching causes, which will have TERRY flying off in the opposite direction. Want to get up in the air? tap under TERRY and watch him soar. Want to slam down on some enemies? Bounce him into the air and then tap above to propel him back down.

The controls really are that simple. As the enemies come floating down, bouncing from platforms or marching along the ground, taking aim and removing the menace should be quite easy. However, once the enemies start coming thick and fast, and the player finds themselves bouncing all over the screen from the recoil, things really do get a little tricky. The player is awarded up to three stars for each level, and getting all three in each of the 45 levels will be a mammoth undertaking.


TERRY’s arsenal is not limited to stale bread, however. Crates will fall from the sky, providing yet more ammunition in the form of Baguettes, Crumpets or another of the 16 different ammo types, each of which have their own special effects. There are even costumes to unlock for our toaster hero. For such a small and simple game, there really is a ton of content to be had.

Toast Time has a simple retro visual style which matches the gameplay really well. The old-school pixelated objects on screen are incredibly cute, and the backdrops are bright and colourful, with different areas having a different colour palette to keep things interesting. But the visuals really are secondary to the highly addictive gameplay.

Keeping the player smiling throughout are more breakfast-based puns and references than you could shake a bowl of porridge at. It is almost as if the developers were obsessed with breakfast and could think of nothing else during the development. Needless to say, everything is kept well within the breakfast theme.


Toast Time is a great example of a good smartphone game. It is perfect for a quick hit session, while easily able to cater to extended gaming sessions. The controls are simple, precise and effective. It is light-hearted, colourful and compelling. It can get chaotic, and the difficulty level ramps up quite quickly, which may be off putting to some more casual gamers. But otherwise, Toast Time is the perfect time waster. Where did I put my jam?




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