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Tropico 5 Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 24 - 2014

El Presidente is back, and this time he has brought the family.

The upcoming Tropico 5, a city building and management title from Haemimont Games, once again focuses its attention on creating your own tropical paradise island. In the latest installment of the series, you’ll construct your city, engage in trade and handle your financial independence, all at the same time as managing your city’s predicaments and dilemma’s through various era’s.

tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014 (1)_600x338

Constructing and building your city starts from the Colonial era and carries all the way through to the 21st century, with each era having its own set of challenges. You’ll proclaim independence for your nation, manage your city and try to provide a self-sufficient economy.

tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014-batch2 (14)_600x338

The Colonial era is a constantly changing, dynamic period, where you’ll be faced with many political changes along the way, mixed with the undertone of trying to create your own constitution. In order to create a constitution, a fundamental set of principles need to be applied and established to govern laws, provide voting rights and start constructing your dynasty, and this comes into immediate effect.  As governor, your best interests are to assist the crown and you will be required to follow orders, even though there is a constant exploitation from them as you struggle to maintain your independence as a country in a fixed time limit. The crown will ask for additional taxation and you’ll be punished if you don’t follow instructions. However, obeying the crown will enable you to build better relations.

tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014 (7)_600x338

You’ll be able to control a selection of characters from the same dynasty,each with their own tenacity and vulnerability. You can choose to send members abroad to study or send them away, and the different dynasty members will come with their own set of repercussions.
tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014 (10)_600x338

Tropico 5 adds a brand new feature to the franchise in the form of research. This new element allows you to explore island deposits, research new buildings, and create new technology within your island. There are 40 technologies to be discovered and these will result in unlocking new buildings, adding another layer of gameplay and providing a solid infrastructure to immerse you in. You’ll actively manage and upgrade buildings, but more attention to detail is required to micromanage this new environment, focusing on improving the efficiency of your workers, upgrading and providing decisive constructions that meet the time period.

tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014-batch2 (8)_600x338

The core mechanics of the game remain the same as you build up your island, you can still become law abiding or simply corrupt. The dynamic eras require players to implement a new approach to strategy in a constantly changing environment. As society develops and revolutionists go up in arms, a mandate given to you by the crown will need to be prolonged if the player wants to remain in power.
tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014 (6)_600x338

Within the World War period, you’ll endeavor to push the boundaries, strive for order and try to maintain balance in an international economy. You’ll see an economy which will demand more effective industries as prices are constantly fluctuating and some tactics you applied before this era may not still be effective. After all, this is a dynamic and constantly changing world, and Tropico 5 introduces you to the global trade system, where you can import and export trades in a limited time period.

tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014-batch2 (5)_600x338

With eras and dynasties to contend with, you may think that Haemimont Games have provided enough for El Presidente, and his family, to contend with. But beyond the time-related issues and the potential for disappointing family members, the developers will also be throwing the possibility of four-player games into the mix. In Tropico 5’s new multiplayer mode, four players will have to share the island and either work together or, as may be more likely, against each other to prosper. Is the world ready for four El Presidentes?

tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014-batch2 (2)_600x338

This really does only scratch the surface of the new features that will be coming to the Tropico franchise in the next installment, and I am sure that more changes will emerge once we get some hands on time with the game. While the core game will remain similar to the previous titles, a massive list of improvements and tweaks will hopefully make Tropico 5 more immersive and more variable than Tropico 4, and perhaps something to impress the PlayStation 4 gamers as the series makes its first foray onto next-gen consoles. From what we have seen, Tropico 5 will be an exciting new version of the city building game, which is something that will make El Presidente happy, and we all need to keep El Presidente happy, don’t we?
tropico5_previewscreenshot_feb2014 (3)_600x338

Tropico 5 will be released at some point this year, although no release date has been set yet, and will be coming to Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4.

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