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Here Be Monsters Soon On iPad

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 21 - 2014

The popular free-to-play social MMO from Gamesys, which is available now on FaceBook, will be launching for iPad on March 27th.



Become a Monster Trapper as you take on the role of a new Recruit within the world-renowned Ministry of Monsters!

Ever since the Starium meteors began falling, once-peaceful Monsters have become infected with the Corruption, a contagious illness that the Folk of the world are immune to, but one that is rapidly spreading its influence around the globe, enraging Monsters and making them highly dangerous.

Your mission: to save the world! Embark on a globe-trotting quest to rid the world of Corruption, and fulfil your destiny to become the ultimate Trapper.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in your epic quest. Along with a colourful cast of characters, a vast number of new Recruits are all working towards your goal and you can become Buddies with anyone you meet! Buddies send you gifts to help with your adventures, and free teleports to their Homestead help you to get around the world.

Need help? Or perhaps you just want to socialize? In Here Be Monsters you can chat anywhere in the world. Just start typing in the chat bar to make yourself heard.

In between completing quests and trapping Monsters, you’ll have the chance to decorate and personalise your own Homestead to make it as unique as you. Your Homestead is your base of operations, where you can farm your own crops and craft your own items using the many components you find in the world and create yourself.

Also aiding you in your mission is your Almanac, your trusty guide to the world of Here Be Monsters and everything within it. Want to know what a monster’s favourite bait is? Or where to find anything in the world? Your Almanac holds all the answers and keeps a detailed account of the many things you collect and all the cool achievements you earn — but will you be able to complete it?

With regular content updates featuring new quests, achievements, items to craft, homestead decorations and so much more, Here Be Monsters presents an ever-expanding world of opportunity and adventure. Start your trapping career now!







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