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Perils of Man Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 18 - 2014

An impressive looking point and click adventure for iPad, and the first chapter is free right now.

Perils of Man on iOS is a stunning 3D point and click adventure title that tells the story of sixteen year-old Ana Eberling whose father mysteriously disappeared under bizarre circumstances when she was six years old. Ana Eberling’s father, Max Eberling, was a young and strange scientist, who would spend endless hours and days hiding away in his study, conducting experiments and working on research. After his perplexing departure, his daughter Ana was left to spend the rest of her life with her slightly obnoxious and irritating mother, who was constantly on her case.

the perils of man iOS 1

On Ana’s sixteenth birthday, she receives a mysterious glass vial from her father that causes Ana to become very curious about his disappearance. On further investigation, Ana realizes that this isn’t the first time her family have gone missing and that even her ancestors have vanished into thin air. Ana discovers that her ancestors were inventors of a mysterious technology, which can see into the future. Determined to find answers to her questions, she embarks on a journey of discovery.

the perils of man iOS 3

As Ana, you reside in the family home with your mother who spends the majority of the time complaining about her life or insulting yours. She’s quite over protective and for some reason doesn’t want you to leave the house. Ana’s mother is haunted by the disappearance of her husband and often feels like a ghost is haunting the house. She constantly hears voices and is convinced Ana’s father is still close by. But Ana is not persuaded by this recent revelation of her mother. She does not believe in any supernatural nonsense and dismisses this concept.  Ana tries her best to please her mother, but usually finds herself feeling disappointed or despondent at times. Ana misses her father and wants to do everything in her power to find him.

the perils of man iOS 4

Using the touch screen interface, you can move Ana through the family home by simply tapping the screen. Holding down your finger on the touch screen interface highlights and indicates selected hotspots, and you can further investigate objects of interest.  Ana can also combine objects she collects and insert those items in a wheel inventory, where objects can be activated if successful. Once activated these objects can be dragged and dropped into the environment to progress the puzzle.

Perils of Man has a hint system, but I didn’t find it very helpful as it only applied to various locations and only gave a very brief and indirect explanation of what the next course of action is required. I found myself getting stuck a number of times throughout the game. In the story, Ana finds herself in a predicament when a storm takes hold and forces the power out in the house. Luckily she’s acquired a torch and eventually finds some batteries and this enables her to illuminate various rooms within the residence. Without this torch, some objects would be passed by unnoticed, so it would be wise to find those batteries as soon as possible.

the perils of man iOS 5

This 3D point and click adventure requires you to examine and analyze each location and environment in order to acquire various objects, which means rapidly tapping everywhere on the screen for your next clue. Most areas are obvious for further investigation, where other locations will require you to perform a number of actions in a certain order for the puzzle or mystery to be solved. You’ll interact with a fair number of characters, some offering insight and clues and others just engaging in brief conversations.

During my preview time with the game, Ana wandered through a number of beautifully polished locations, solving puzzles and discovering the history of her ancestors and the disappearance of her father. The level of 3D graphical detail in this title is quite remarkable and the steampunk theme makes it highly entertaining to engage in. The controls, animation and gameplay are very fluid and attention to detail is impeacable. The narrative is interesting and it’s a very charming tale as the story unfolds around Ana and her family. There is a sinister and dark existence that echoes through the game as players step into the world Max Eberling and his strange disappearance.

the perils of man iOS 6

Perils of Man is being developed by Swiss indie studio IF Games. The team consists of industry veterans including ex-LucasArts designer Bill Tiller. Perils of Man: Chapter 1 is now available for free on the iOS App Store, with the full game set for commercial release in Q2 of this year. I would recommend that all point and click fans check out this free chapter of what looks set to be a wonderful game.

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