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Rayman Legends PS4

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 4 - 2014

The limbless hero goes all next-gen.

While we are all waiting for the big new games to make an appearance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, another title that was previously available on pretty much every platform has made the jump to the latest console offerings from Microsoft and Sony. Does Rayman Legends on the PlayStation 4 provide a different experience, or is it a game that will only appeal to those who passed on the title before?


There is no denying that Rayman Legends is an accomplished platformer, as we explained in our review of the Xbox360 version back in September. Revisiting the game, now on PS4, is still just as impressive as it was back then. But let’s just cover the basics.

Rayman Legends is a platforming game of ingenious design and undeniable beauty. The player takes on the role of the titular hero, Rayman, as he is woken from his extended slumber and charged with sorting out all the chaos that has broken out in his world. This leads to level after level of platforming action, collecting Lums and saving Teensies. Running, jumping, bouncing off walls and slapping enemies is what you have to look forward to.

The gameplay is straight forward, rarely does the player find themselves wondering what they have to do to complete a level. However, the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly and will have many a player overthinking their tactics as they try to make a difficult jump at exactly the right time to avoid a waiting hazard.

Saving the Teensies will give access to yet more levels and newly themed worlds to explore and complete. Finding all of the Teensies in a given level will  be a challenge, even for the most dedicated completionist.


The levels are the real star here, with an incredible amount of variety as the player moves from one to the next. Standard platforming levels, which are ingeniously designed to flow perfectly as long as the player has the correct rhythm, are interspersed with novelty levels, chase levels, musical levels and epic boss fights. Playing through Rayman Legends, even for a second time, is an absolute joy and never gets dull.

The core game is great, but Rayman Legends offers so much more than this. Rayman’s roster of friends, who may not be as well known as Mario’s buddies, can be unlocked and used to play the levels, different creatures can be added to a display room of sorts where the player can harvest more Lums, there is a football style mini-game, and challenges are offered up for players to test their mettle against the rest of the world and move up a leaderboard. Rayman Legends is the game that keeps on giving, and what it gives is good.

The most interesting inclusion in Rayman Legends was the character of Murfy. This little guy will be summoned to the screen at times are tasked with changing certain aspects of the environment, such as moving a platform or tickling a particularly well-armoured enemy, allowing Rayman or any of the other heroes to proceed. Again, it can be a bit of a stretch to control Rayman while simultaneously ordering Murfy to do his thing.

The PlayStation 4 version of Legends doesn’t actually offer that much of an improvement over the previous gen console versions of the game. Visually, the game pretty much looks the same, albeit with much less by way of loading times. That is not necessarily a bad thing however, as the game looks so stunning it would be difficult to imagine any way it could be better. Remote Play means that the game can be played on the Vita, which is a nice inclusion for those who are forced to share their TV time with other family members, but doesn’t really bring anything new. It is a shame that the co-op capabilities of the Wii U version, in which a second player could take on the role of Murfy using the touchscreen GamePad, are not an option given the PS4 and Vita combination. The only other real inclusion is the use of the PS4 controllers touchpad to scratch the scratch cards that the player collects for unlocking new stuff. Nothing really groundbreaking, but there you are.


Rayman Legends is one of the best platforming experiences currently available. It looks gorgeous, plays like a dream and begs the player to come back for more. Grabbing the game on the PlayStation 4 would require very little thought, were it not for the fact that the game is no real jump over the previously available versions. If you already own Rayman Legends on another platform, there is nothing really here to add to the experience. If you don’t already own it, grab it now and save those Teensies.




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