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Slender Man Origins

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 10 - 2014

Do you wish to know about Slender Man’s origins? Be careful what you wish for…

Following the successful appearance of Slender Man a couple of years ago, there have been a fair few titles appear, mostly on mobile devices, that promise to build on the story of this creepy accountant/octopus hybrid that preys on children. The latest to arrive for both Android and iOS devices is Slender Man Origins from Bigzur. Put on your headphones and get ready for a scare.


Perhaps the most important aspect of this title is the atmosphere of dread that it builds, and so when the game suggests that you put on your headphones before playing, it really is worth doing.

Players take a step back in time for this title and are tasked, with a first-person view, to find seven missing children in each of the games’ creepy environments. The story here is very thin on the ground and, to be honest, the origins of the Slender Man are not quite as forthcoming as the title would suggest. But still, we are here for the scares.

And boy, do the scares come. The game has a variety of different control schemes, allowing the player to choose that which they find comfortable. They will then set out into their choice of environment to find the seven missing children. Finding those children is no easy task, despite the crying that can be heard as the player gets closer. Wandering around a forest or a castle, trying to follow the wails of a child, is quite creepy enough. But the scares don’t stop there.


Players actually have a choice of time of day and weather conditions as they explore, adding to the atmosphere no end. Then there is the Slender Man himself, lurking somewhere in the environment, hunting the player even as the player hunts for the children. Coming face to face with the tentacle dude will result in almost certain death, as the player will find ot difficult to break their gaze away and make a run for it. It is possible to escape, and subtle clues are given that the Slender Man is near, but the level of difficulty in this game is set quite high. In fact, it took a fair few attempts for me to even find one child, let alone all seven.

Visually, the game is dark and foreboding, even with the most favourable conditions chosen by the player. The settings are fairly simple, but have a good level of detail and some wonderful lighting, ensuring that the player can fully immerse themselves in their adventure. Slender Man himself looks good, although he doesn’t quite fit in with the setting.

The real star of Slender Man Origins is the sound though. The ominous piano score builds the tension, while positioned sound effects help the player on their quest, or warn them of danger. If ever a game deserves headphones, this is it.


Slender Man Origins is available now on Android and iOS, and is well worth picking up if you fancy giving yourself a scare. It is not the most involved game, as the gameplay basically consists of wandering around, but it is certainly an experience. The high level of difficulty may well turn some players away. But pick it up for some creepy casual gameplay, just don’t play it on the train…




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