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Watch Dogs 2 Gets 4 Player Party Mode via Free Update

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Twisted Metal

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The Lego Movie Videogame

Posted by TurtleGirl On March - 3 - 2014

Everything is awesome!

The Lego Movie Videogame on consoles and handhelds is very different from the familiar LEGO games we’ve become to know and love from TT Games. In fact, TT Games have stepped the franchise up a gear and brought it to a whole new level. Based on the comedic animated events from the movie, we’re projected into a colourful and funny environment from the very beginning. The LEGO Movie Videogame places you in the role of Emmet, an ordinary LEGO minifigure, who’s been mistakenly targeted as ‘The Special’, a character who needs to save the world from the imminent danger posed by a villainous tyrant who wants to destroy the universe and everything in it.

LEGO Movie the Videogame 1

If you’ve had the delight of watching the amazing animated film, you’ll already be acquainted with its hilarious storyline and side splitting characters. If you’ve not seen the movie, the game might be a little confusing in places as the game for the most part mirrors the film. The Lego Movie Videogame does well to inject many of the cut scenes from the movie without giving away too many spoilers to its audience, and it will frequently light up the faces of the many LEGO fans. If you thought the movie was funny, you can enjoy this game in the safe knowledge that you’ll play a huge part as you take on the dizzy and often silly footsteps of troublesome Emmet.

The core mechanics of The Lego Movie Videogame remain the same as previous entries in this series, although some areas of the game introduce us to completely new ways to experience a LEGO world. You’ll briefly be introduced to Emmet and his mundane life of working on a construction site before finding Emmet cruising down the highway with side kick Wyldstyle, dashing and jumping from motorbike to truck while avoiding being shot down by helicopters. The life of Emmet is a faced pace one at times and he’ll frequently find himself in some perilous situations. Lucky enough, he’s got a huge number of LEGO characters to protect and save the city with him and there’s little time to stop and think.


The LEGO Movie Videogame comes with both a story mode and a free play mode to experience. In story mode, Emmet will need to find pages and follow directions to construct various items, smash his way through millions of LEGO bricks, solve puzzles, and gather the various collectible red and gold bricks to unlock a vast number of unlockable characters. Switching between the different characters enables you to use their special skill or ability for the given scenario and the game gives you a few hints of what character is required. For instance, you can unlock a fireman character which can be used to put fires out, or there are characters that can detonate bombs.

The LEGO environment is absolutely incredible, because this time round everything is completely made out of LEGO and looks like it’s come straight out of a LEGO product box. You can explore the fictional environments of five hubs in the game. You’ll begin your journey in the bustling and busy city of Bricksburg, before moving on to the Wild West, filled with water towers, abandoned buildings and horses to ride through your adventures.

Emmet may have to use his drill to explore glowing areas one minute, or be grappling and running across rooftops the next. This adventure finds him exploring the world in various ways and each way as exciting as the next. Emmet will find himself engaging in hand to hand combat brawls from time to time, beating the daylights out of any LEGO enemy provoking him along the way.

LEGO Movie the Videogame 5

Each environment is filled with puzzles to solve that are never really too taxing. The variety of new gaming mechanics that can be found in this latest LEGO game really add to the enjoyment. Not only will you be smashing everything in sight to gather the highly desirable LEGO studs, but you may also find yourself playing a dancing mini-game or constructing something with the help of Wyldstyle, who can highlight pieces that need to be selected within a time limit. From beautiful visuals to enjoyable game-play, it really is hard to find fault with The LEGO Movie Videogame.

The LEGO Movie Videogame is a completely immersive experience, filled with an incredible amount of enjoyment. The vast openness of the environment is a pleasure to explore and smash to pieces. LEGO games do best at allowing players to progress the story at their own level, without any need for haste. Smash bricks, find gold bricks to get the ultimate completion, explore and discover the wonderful characters within the game, the choice is yours. Now is the time to add this game to your collection and begin your ‘everything is awesome’ journey.



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