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All The LEGO Harry Potter On Friday

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State Of Anarchy: Master Of Mayhem

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Megadimension Neptunia VII coming west in early 2016

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Welcome To BloodBath

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ArcheAge Founders Packs Available

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 25 - 2014

Those interested in the open-ended MMORPG from XL Games and Trion Worlds would do well to check out the newly available Founders Packs for beta access, in-game credits and other goodies. Grab the Archeum pack and you even get access to the alpha test.

Head over to www.archeagegame.com/en/shop and check out the Founders Packs now to stake your claim in ArcheAge.


Explore the vast world of ArcheAge, where your choices drive the ebb and flow of the world and feed the conflict.  Band together with allies and construct massive castles to claim your lands, build farms and houses to power the economic engine. Fight for glory and fortune across land, sea, and air in massive PvP battles and epic naval combat – or go beyond two factions and live the life of an outlaw. In this world – the choices are yours to make! 

Epic Player vs. Player Combat
The wealth and power at stake in the Land of Origin are known by all– and fiercely contested.  Assemble your allies to rule your empire on these uncharted lands, or rally together forces and craft massive siege engines to forge history and find glory as you rip power from the iron grasp of the enemy.

Player-Driven Economy
Crafting, Gathering, and Trade are at the heart of ArcheAge and you are the engine that moves history forward.  Master the economy and shape the world around you. Trade and transport goods to the front lines of the war.  Construct massive galleons and towering castles.  The endless war depends on alliances and community to work towards common goals to build, defend, and conquer.

Naval Combat on the High Seas
Between the three continents lies a massive uncharted ocean – and law has no place on these waters.   Amass wealth by securing trade routes and controlling the flow of resources, devastate your foes in epic naval combat, or rule the oceans as a pirate…. but beware what else may lurk in these dark waters.

Player-Driven Justice
Those with grievous charges of theft, murder, and the like will find themselves before a jury of fellow players as justice is served at the hands of the people. Will they sympathize with your actions, or will the gavel sentence you a criminal?  Those that continuously skirt the rule of law may find themselves exiled from their homelands to live the life of an outlaw – but on the bright side, a pirate answers to no one!

For more information about ArcheAge and to sign up for the beta, head over to www.archeagegame.com


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