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Sims Get Emotional At Gamescom

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Bundle Stars Trinity Bundle: 10 Steam Games for £1.99

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Sony confirms Kazuo Hirai as new President and CEO

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Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 17 - 2014

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced that special events will be taking place in both The Settlers Online and Anno Online to celebrate the Easter holiday season.

anno online easter 2014

Anno Online

To celebrate Easter, three new main quest chains that reward players with Easter XP and Easter eggs are now available. Easter eggs can be exchanged for special Easter buildings including a Henhouse and a Barn. There is also a new Easter Treasure Hunter ship that has better stats than the Treasure Hunter ship and can be purchased with eggs.

Players can also collect re-spawning Easter eggs that are hidden all over the home island or receive them as a reward from completing quests.

Goods can be used to produce the Easter buff, which is needed to solve Social Quests which gives players new achievements. There are more than 10 new achievements players can collect and more hidden achievements are planned. With these new decorative buildings players can turn their island into an Easter paradise. The Easter Event will start on April 15th and will last until April 29th.

The Settlers Online

The annual Easter rendez-vous returns for memorable, unique and funny gameplay. From now on, the vast lands of the free-to-play game will be packed with a brand new resource: Easter eggs.

This year, users will undertake twenty quest chains including eight adventures in order to collect as many Easter Eggs as possible to trade and exchange them in the warehouse. A new combat adventure will be introduced, it will grant eggs to players thanks to the Easter Egg map. During the event collectible items will also appear all over the island to be processed into eggs in the Mayor House. Users can also spawn eggs on their friends’ island to expand the Easter Egg Hunt.

Meanwhile, the special adventure called “Garrun the Trapper” makes it a life-goal to sabotage Easter. Specialists might just be the answer for such a trouble: the team widens to welcome a new member, the Master of Martials Arts, who makes critical damages when used as a unit in combat.

Last but not least, the iconic Raving Rabbids Statue makes an awaited come-back. The screaming edifice is followed by an army of boisterous yet endearing Rabbids to replace all the island animals for the celebration.

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