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Tomodachi Life Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On April - 24 - 2014

It will all be about creating friends on June 6th.

Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS is an upbeat and friendly life simulation title coming to Europe on the 6th June. So what’s life like in Tomodachi Life and how will you spend your time experimenting and playing with those chibi bobble head Mii characters on your very own remote island?
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If you’ve ever played Animal Crossing or The Sims, you may have a rough idea of what Tomodachi Life is all about. Once you’ve been introduced to your island, a basic step-by-step guide allows you to name your island and create a Mii look-alike character, or create one from a photo with a number of personalization options available, such as changing the physical appearance of the Mii’s face and body, changing the voice, or adding accessories such as sunglasses and make-up. Customization is key to this title, as each Mii look-alike character can have their birthday, nickname and gender added, as well as choosing whether or not you wish to create a grown-up or a child.

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The Mii personality is set into five different sections; Energy, Speech, Facial Expressions, Mood and overall. So for instance, you can give your Mii look-alike the personality that will have them running around like a crazy person in their apartment, be very sensitive and caring, or have fluctuating mood swings. Their personality affects how they will interact with other Mii characters on your island, so you have to be aware of what kind of personalities you want mixing together. While some Mii characters will be well-adjusted and polite, others may be over excited or extrovert. Apartment rooms can be personalized and there are plenty of options for decoration and creative freedom.
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In Tomodachi Life you oversee the Mii look-alike characters that you have created and they all reside in an apartment block on an island. Using the stylus you can tap each window to see what the individual Mii is up to and whether they require anything to make them happy. First of all they will grab your attention by informing you they are hungry and need food urgently. You’ll be alerted by your Mii informing you they need food verbally or by seeing inside their stomachs. Yes, that’s right, you can see inside their stomachs, by touching a stomach image in the top right hand corner. This is an indication of whether your Mii needs some spaghetti Bolognese or topping up with fine English tea. If you try and give them more food than they require, they will alert you they are stuffed and can’t eat anymore. Various shops and stores are unlocked on the island, and tapping on the map to enter each building will open up options for maybe finding new attire for a Mii, or a tasty new meal.

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Essentially, all that Mii characters require is happiness, and fulfilling their needs will make them happy. The happier your Mii character is, the more money you receive. Happiness can come from various actions and interactions with your Mii characters, such as playing a number of mini games, purchasing various items or merely making friendships with other Mii characters. Happiness is gauged and leveled up throughout the game by discovering their likes and dislikes and who they potentially can form solid relationships with. Mii characters don’t always remain in their apartments, but often wander into other Mii rooms for entertainment and conversation. The more Mii characters you create, the more of the island opens up to you.

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You can also take photographs of your Mii character to share via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr through the Nintendo 3DS Image Share option, which is entertaining, if you fancy posing solo or with your apartment buddies. The funniest thing about Tomodachi Life is how you create your Mii characters and personalities and they actually talk and inform you what is going on in their Tomodachi Life environment. I’ve seen some very bizarre behaviour from the characters I’ve created, and have only so far had a chance to scratch the surface of the game. There are also events that occur at various times which you can participate in with the Miis you have created.

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We’ve been creating some strange and interesting characters, witnessed Mii dreams and even caught an urgent newsflash on screen. From the time I’ve spent on my island so far, I’ve grown to appreciate what my Mii characters want from life, whether it’s having the latest fashion accessory or playing on the latest handheld console. We will be revisiting life on this Mii-populated island closer to the launch of the 3DS game on June 6th.

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